Monday, September 30, 2013

Sister Missionary Clothing...

While I have been scouring stores and websites for clothing for my mission I have ran across a handful of blogs that have been very helpful. I thought I would added my two cents to hopefully help those new sisters trying to find modest clothing for their missions (which we all know is quite the feat). I am 5'1'' to help others put in reference how long the dresses/skirts are.

1. So.... one of the best places to shop is They are a store from the UK (I believe). However you get free shipping and returns. Wahooooo. The secret to ASOS is to search for MIDI skirts/dresses. Then you will find the modest skirts and dresses you can wear:) They are a little on the pricey side. I scoured their sale stuff and found one dress I like a lot.

Image 1 of ASOS Midi Dress With Pleated Skirt 

It is pretty comfy and there aren't too many layers. Here is the link for it

2. Target

I found four super comfy dresses there that can be dressed up by adding a belt. I also found a few in the maternity section I really liked (but never ended up getting). If they have a synch tie it never seemed to be a problem that they were for pregnant ladies.

Online you can also search for dresses/skirts "below knee" which is very helpful.

Target is sort of a hit/miss. I did get a lot of exercise shirts that I really like from there and some slips.

Here is one that I got from there that I really like. I believe it is now in the sale section as well! (I am in the middle :)

3. Spiegel

I really like these skirts. They come in blue and black! Wahooo! Plus they are on sale. And check out this gorgeous girl wearing it. She has her own blog and she has a lot of cute, mostly modest clothes.

Heather Skirt - Spiegel

Especially for skirts. I got some good skirts there that are really sturdy. Plus, they give 10% off to missionaries. Oh yeah!
I got this skirt in black and navy blue because it is a nice material that seems to dry really nicely (especially for those of us going places you get to hand wash everything. Looking forward to that!). I do drown in it a little because of how short I am, but it is still very comfortable! I am 5'1'' and it goes a little past mid calf. This model is obviously much, much taller than I am.

I also got the black skirt and I like it a lot. Plus, it is on sale!! Score. It isn't nearly as long as they gray skirt, but it still goes a few inches past my knees.

Crepe Skirt Mid Length

Heavy Pleated Skirt

Black skirt


I bought this skirt and I absolutely adore it. It comes in yellow and coral. It is about mid calf on me. Florence Adams also has some adorable dresses. They also have free shipping and no tax. Ohhh yeah.

On the right is some girl modeling the blue version (which they no longer have).

Mint Pleated Skirt  Royal Pleated Skirt

6. Macy's/JCPennies/Dillards SALE sections

So what I do is I go into there websites, then go to the sale section, then organize it price low to high. Most of these websites you can organize it by sleeves or sleeveless. I have gotten three shirts from Macy's (all around $10), two shirts from JCPennies (around $15 per shirt), and two shirts from Dillards this way.

I also got a skirt from Macy's for $13 and a dress for $7 about two weeks ago. All of their summer stuff was on super clearance.

7. T.J. Maxx/Ross/Burlington Coat Factory/Nordstrom Rack/Wal Mart/Thrift stores

I know. It is a pain to search. And it is so long with so few results. But I have found a few things that I have really liked. Yay! Good luck in your searches.

I got a gray skirt and a black skirt like this one from T.J. Maxx. I love it, there is nothing more comfy. It is basically yoga pants in a skirt form.

Julia Skirt (Black)

8. DownEast

Yes. They can be pricey too. I got a skirt and shirt there and it came out to be $60. Yuck.

I got this skirt. It goes a few inches past my knees. I like pink a lot, and I didn't have anything pink, so I took the plunge and bought it.


I bought a few shirts from them that I really like. They are based out of China, so take that into account when buying from them. For my busty sisters, make sure to size up! Or else you will run into the same problem I ran into... Also watch out for shipping time. It takes quite a bit longer than standard time. I got this shirt from there (not for my mission) and I adore it. I also got a orangy red plain shirt from them that I am taking on my mission :)
White Batwing Short Sleeve Elephant Print T-Shirt US$21.64Red Short Sleeve Drawstring Lace Chiffon Blouse -


They have some pretty adorable things on this website. I am in love with a lot of their dresses and they look super comfy!! Too bad I discovered them after I had already overbought for my mission.

I love this dress



They also give discounts to missionaries. Just message them on Facebook about where you are going.
I tried this skirt on in a gray at Mikarose and I loved it. It was about mid calf on me. They also have a nice selection of shirts.

Cheyanne Skirt


The best thing on this website (according to my roommate who is on a biking mission) is the split slip. She swears by it. They also have a variety of skirts/shirts.

Split Slip

13. And if you have a bigger budget than I did... is always awesome. I had a friend who got quite a few of her things for her mission from there. The other thing I love about ModCloth is that people will post pictures of them wearing the article of clothing. It helps to get a better idea of the length.

I love this dress
and skirt
About the Artist Dress - Grey, Solid, Buttons, Ruffles, Casual, A-line, Cap Sleeves, Shirt Dress, Long, Belted, Cotton, Best Seller, Button Down, Collared, Fit & Flare, Work, Variation, Daytime Party, Pinup, Fall, Top Rated Just Dandy Skirt in Goldenrod | Mod Retro Vintage Skirts |



More I like :)


I haven't shopped here but I know a lot of sisters have and have really liked it. I know you can personalize it to add sleeves and length for extra which is super nice!!


#1 EBAY!!
Find something you really like then ebay it. Wala!! Quarter of the price. I got two target dresses like that and this handy dandy Mary Kay bag that you can hang from the door. Mary Kay =$50 Ebay =$15

I have done this with a bunch of skirts and dresses. Belts have become my new best friend so that my skirts and dresses are long enough, but also aren't drowning me.

#3 GO TO SISTERMISSIONARY MALL AND FIND THEIR BOOKS WITH SISTERS WHO HAVE SERVED IN YOUR MISSION/AREA AND HAVE PAGES OF ADVICE FOR YOU! It is literally like Christmas reading what they have to say. If you don't live near the Orem area, I would call them and ask them to read it to you. Seriously. It was that helpful for me.

#4 SEARCH FOR BLOGS of people who are in the same mission or country as you. Super helpful as well!

#5 Make MAXI skirts into a dress, which rocks because they are then super comfy. A lady at a boutique showed me. My life has been changed for the better!! Because I am so short there is no way I could ever wear a maxi skirt, but now I can. That is what I did in this picture. I am the one in the middle :)

Other things that I have bought that I think I will love...

#1... This fancy traveling bag

It wasn't quite like this, but it is pretty similar. I love the handles so you can wear it like a backpack, and the extra pocket in the front is quite nice.
A mosquito net from Scheels. I'll be in Mexico and Honduras, so hopefully a net will keep me from spraying myself with bug spray every night.

Well I hope this all has been helpful :) Good luck in your shopping endeavors, and hopefully by the end you won't be as sick of shopping as I am! Good thing I have 18 months pretty much shopping free:)