Thursday, December 4, 2014

And we are in December!


Well, we have had a cold week!!
Seriously, one night I thought I was going to die, and I am pretty sure it did not get below 60 degrees. I think I am going to DIE when it is my time to go to Utah. My hija is still used to the weather in Guatemala, which is a lot cooler than here in Honduras, so she has been loving the cooler weather, while I am under my two blankets with my socks shivering to death drinking hot cocoa :) Everyone asks me, "isn't it a lot colder in Utah?" and I am like "yes, yes it is... but I have 14 months here now... and I have officialy adjusted to the heat... and plus in Utah my parents bought me a personal heater for my room." And they all laugh at me, but they are all shivering to death too, so they can't laugh too hard :D The exciting part is that with all the rain one of the areas we visit the roads have basically turned into a mud slide! Luckily, my companion has serious SKILLS in finding the areas that are less muddy. But, every night we go home I go straight to the shower to wash off the mud that has somehow made its way all over my legs! At least there are a few less mosquitos.
For Thanksgiving we did an activity, my hija and I. Well, they don't really celebrate thanksgiving here, but for each one of our lessons we shared Doctrine and Covenants 78:19  19 And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall bemade glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more. and then invited each person to share something they were grateful for. It was beautiful to hear everyone give thanks for their blessings! Many families opened up and shared beautiful things about their gratitude for one another and for their many blessings. That night we got a nice surprise, when our amazing Mariellos called us to invite us over for Thanksgiving dinner!!! We went over and I almost cried it was so beautiful. We shared with her mom, sister, and her. We all shared something we were grateful for, then prayed for the food. It was beautiful! :) And the night before we shared with the Relief Society a beautiful dinner as well, and all the cute sisters were so sweet. Gabby also went (the sister of Mariellos) and we were so happy because it was the first time she had ever gone to anything church related! Then this Sunday we had an absolute miracle because Mariellos couldn't go to church, but her mom and sister went!! And they loved it! And they said they want to go every Sunday. We were both so happy, and it was an absolute answer to many prayers and fasting.
We are also excited because our cute Yuber finally made it back to church (por fin!) and we are hoping that he can get baptized soon. We also found a few people on the street that seriously need some more of God in their lives. The first time we met one of them, Jose, was one night when he was drunk. Drunk men tend to talk a lot, and he started asking me a bunch of words in English. Anywyas after answering him we went on our way. A few days later we found him again, and this time sober. He was also with one of his friends David. We were talking to them, and they both talked about their great desire to give up their addictions. That night I couldn't stop thinking about them, and how hard it is to quite addictions, and how Satan uses something so precious as our bodies against us to bind us captive to him. A few days later we found David again in the street, and he had read what we had left with him in the Book of Mormon! I didn't actually believe him that he read it, because we asked him what he had liked, and he said... well I can't really remember... and that is usually a sign that they didn't really read. Then all the sudden he asked us "and who is Nefi?!" So that was super great, and well, we are hoping that maybe we can help him change his life. 
This week we also found someone else super awesome who is 18 named Marcela. She is the cutest girl in the entire world!! And we are so excited to teach her :)

Today we were in a little store, and in came two kids. Well, we were standing there waiting for our stuff, and then one of the boys looked at me and said "you are beautiful!" and then started hugging me. I was like uh..... hello little boy thank you but I am a missionary and you can't really hug me. But it ended really funny and I have to say it is an experience that I know I would have never had in Utah haha. Maybe that is how Disney Princesses feel with everyone running up to hug them :D
Well, I love the mission, and I love Honduras, and I am getting sad because it is quickly creeping up to an end, so I have a goal to work as hard as I can and to go home every night exhausted (Which really isn't too hard :)
I hope everyone, especially during this time of year, will look out for those who might need an extra hand. There are always people in need, always people that need someone to listen to them, or maybe just a warm hug. God will put you in the way of these people if you pray to help his children. God needs us to be his hands here. 


my hija Hermana Roca and I

Doing service for the Mission Leader! He was adding on to his house and his house was full of dust! So we went to help clean, and ended up with the job to clean all the toys of their little boy. Somehow, my companion kept "accidently" spraying me with the hose :) 

Thanksgiving with Mariellos!!!!

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