Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Long Awaited Day of the Call!

This morning I woke up with full hopes that my call would arrive today. So after I took my three hour nap and woke up at 11:30 (I work from 5:00-8:00 every morning), my roommate and I decided to go on a run in order to chase down the mailman. But alas, our secret mission to track down the mailman was to no avail. As we walked home we saw that bright, white beautiful mini van with a blue logo in our apartments 15 minute parking. I literally ran up to the mailman, and asked if he had any mail for our apartment. He quickly responded that he had just delivered a mission call to our apartment. I bolted up the stairs to the second floor to see my shiny white envelope (well... maybe not shiny). There was my name, Sister Katiemarie Gabrielle Harmon, and the postage, $1.92.


Then came the waiting....

And waiting....

And waiting....

And finally 8:30 arrived when I was going to finally get to open my call with Connor.

We were both freaking out. So he opened his call first... and DUN DUN DUN... he is going to Santiago Chili! Awesome!

And then it was my turn.
(Somewhere there is a video, but heck if I know how to upload it)

Mom and Dad trying to figure out their fancy technology :) Well... mainly Mom.

Luckily my dad cut open the envelope, because had I done it, it would have been a big, sloppy, skiwampis mess (I think he knew that, which is why he did it :).

Then I read it and I have been called to serve in the...

Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission Spanish speaking. I will report to the Mexico MTC. 
(Here is the video, I couldn't figure out how to upload it) 

Wait what? South America... Not what I was expecting, or what anybody was guessing, but I didn't care! I was so excited (and am so excited).

San Pedro Sula is the dot with the red box around it near the top left. 
There are also lots of other cool places in Honduras like Las Vegas and Santa Barbara. Yep. That is right. 

It is official!! 

The cool college kids :)

I leave in October for the beautiful land of Honduras. My brother is in Guatemala right now, which is right next door to Honduras. I am super excited about that. When we get home we will have a lot of things to talk about and a ton of things, I am sure, which will be similar about our missions. I am also SO EXCITED for the WEATHER. Lets take a look at this.

Ahhhhh.... definitely my paradise. It has been a joke in my family that I turn the heater on when it is 70 degrees outside. Oh wait... it isn't actually a joke. That is actually what I do. There is also about 90% humidity. I think I will absolutely love it.
I am also addicted to the ocean; I am very excited to be so near it. Although I won't be able to get in it, just knowing I am so close to it will give me warmth and comfort.

After doing some other quick google searches, this is what else I found out.

1. It has been given the title of the most dangerous city in the world (

2. It is the murder capital of the world

3. Originally the Mayans lived there

4. The currency is Lempira

5. It produces a lot of bananas, coffee, sugar cane, tobacco, and forestry.

6. The majority of people are "mestizo," or of African descent

So yep! This is where I will be spending 18 months. I am super duper excited :)

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