Friday, May 24, 2013

The Mountains are Calling...

So the weather is finally starting to get beautiful in Utah! Wahooooo :) Last Saturday Rachel (my roommate) and I decided it was time to appreciate nature, so we went to hike Squaw Peak.
We were starting to feel a little like this:

 So we went! It was a rainy day, which made the hike a lot of fun. We got to basically slide down some of the areas because it was so muddy. I appreciated it a bit (a lot) more than Rachel :)
Hiking up the muddy areas was quite the adventure as well. At some points in our muddy journey we were feeling a bit like this:

And we did climb... and we too made it :)

The hike is about 7 miles total. This picture is from the base. Squaw Peak is the really point part in the top middle of the picture.

The hike is very awesome. I loved how the views were constantly changing.

 It is a gorgeous view when you get up there.

This is the view of the city down below. On the other side you get the view of the mountains.

Weeeee don't slip! 

The hike took is about four hours total, and was completely worth it! I hope we get to go and hike all of the places! (Which is definitely our plan). 

A week before we had gone up to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon. I don't think you can really call that a hike, more of just a stroll up a few areas.

We had a pretty fun time wandering around the waterfall and getting splish splashed all over.

If anybody knows of some killer hikes in the Provo area that we have to do, you better let us know! 

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