Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weddings and Missions :)

So at BYU you either get married or go on a mission. Yep. That's about it. Alright maybe not always, but it seems that is the trend around these parts. So I am here to celebrate all my dear friends and family getting married, and my sweet cousin going on her mission. Wahoooooooo.

First wedding: My dear darling sista! Yep, that's right. She is officially a Kemp.

She got married in the Draper temple and she looked absolutely stunning. It is crazy to think my best friend who I was just playing house with is now all grown up and getting married. I am very happy for her, and Josh is one lucky man:)

Second wedding: Heather and Jordan!

Heather is my amazing friend who lived next door. We used to go on crazy adventures up to the canyon and do all sorts of crazy adventurous things in the wee hours. I am sure one day we will do it again :D Her wedding was in a very magical place with lots of rooms to explore :) (Which I very, very much appreciated :) She was a very happy beautiful bride, and I am so excited for her and Jordan.

And the last marrige: Cute Anne and Sam

Anne also lived next door, but in the opposite direction of Heather. She is our latest and greatest bride :) We had quite the bachelorette party re-creating all of her dates with Sam... and creating/inventing their future life with a fake same. Well, he wasn't really fake. We got a cut out of one of the One Direction band member and put Sam's head on it. It was great.

Whew... lots of marriages :)

And we sent off my cute cousin Deni. She is going to Independence, Missouri on her mission. She is going to be such an amazing missionary :) I am very excited for our family. Justin is off to Guatemala, Davis is in Peru, Deni is in Missouri, Connor will soon be in Chili, and I will be in Honduras. We are just taking over :)

 Well.. I still have two more weddings and a handful more missionary opening for this Summer. Time to prepare myself :)

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