Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bear Lake, the 4th, and the Temple

For family vacation we went up to Bear Lake. We were all lobster red by the time it was over, but it was still totally worth it. We went boating, jet-skiing, tubing, swimming, wake-boarding, swimming, and we got to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I also got to party it up on the fourth. Yay for Amurrica!! We went and watched the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire, because of course we are too cheap to actually get tickets :)

It was also my Daddy's birthday! We went to Thai Ruby to celebrate. In case you haven't been there and you live in the Provo area... please promise me you will go there. I promise you will thank me! It is the most delicious food you will ever eat and is only second best to eating in Thailand itself.

We also went to to Oquirrh Mountain temple. It was stunning. 

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