Friday, November 15, 2013

Festivities de Ciudad de Mexico

Buenos dias mi familia y amigos!

Soooo this week has gone by really fast. I only have six days left before I leave! Craziness. So fun stuff this week.

#1 Halloween
Well we did not get Halloween here, so my district and I all wore orange and purple and bought candy from the Tienda (our little store here). Then we all took turns being the person at the "house" aka our classroom, and we all went trick or treating. It was super great. Mexico City though had quite the party though! So here we hear sirens, bombs, fireworks, pretty much all night every night. But for Halloween we got some nice cool strobe lights going on and some cool Halloween Mexican music. 
Also the P day before Halloween mi companeras and two other hermanas in my district were lady bugs, which meant that we dressed up in red and black. So we got our festivities on :) also, I would like to live precariously through you all, so send me pictures of your Halloween!!! 

#2 El Libro de Mormon
So today we got to go to the temple, which made me sad because it is the last time I will get to go before I go home. But it was super amazing, and dun dun dun I understood like 95% of it!! Whooowh at the end I was in amazement by how much I understood. Yah for Spanish! Anyways but yesterday my district leader decided that on our way there we should give away a Book of Mormon. The only socialization with the outside world we receive are our bus rides to the temple. So we got a Book of Mormon, and we all wrote our testimonies in it. On our way home we thought we had found the perfect person! So we were stopped in traffic (as always here in Mexico City) and Elder Ramirez called for the guy to come grab it. That guy was too cool and not interested, but there was this sweet guy in a wheelchair, and he got the other guy to go and grab it for him. Then Elder Ramirez said "leer lo!" (read it!) and the guy said he would. So we are all hoping in twenty years our story ends up in Conference because he reads it and loves it and tells all his friends and families about it. If not, well we tried :)

#3 Gatita!
So here there is no animals. But one night mi compeneras and I were walking home and we see a little cat. Ahhhhh it was sooo cute. We named her Sol and she was very sweet and purred for us. Then we saw the Presidente Pratt and asked him if she was his, and he said "no, and it is being disobedient." So we unilaterally decided we should have a little chit chat with the kitty about how obedience brings blessings. I had to ask though, so I did ask if we could keep it. Of course the answer was no :( But it still made me so happy :) We decided that we got to play with the Kitty because the Lord loves us.

#4 Leccion con Lugo
So Lugo is our "investigator" and he has finally stopped smoking and drinking for Baptism. Yay! Anyways we were in our lesson and we were teaching about La Palabra de Sabiduria (The Word of Wisdom). We had a scripture picked out in 1 Cor 6:19 about how our body is a temple. So we ask him if he will read, and of course he agrees because he loves us, and he starts reading about how we should not fornicate. We all look at each other panicked and confused, and he looks up and we all kinda start laughing. Apparently mi companera had said 1 Cor. 6:9 instead of 6;19. Oh the joys of Missionary work :)

#5 Sol y Sandra
So our first "investigator" was Sol. We finished teaching her, and we got a new investigator, Maria, but then we got a new one, Sandra. So cool story. They are all the same person (my teacher) being different investigators. Well Sol actually is a person who works outside of the CCM that my teacher has become friends with. My teacher gave her a Book of Mormon, and Sol never was interested really but then her mom Sandra was (which is why my teacher decided to be her, so that she could try to figure out a way to help her). So we have been teaching "Sandra" and the real Sandra went to church last week! We were all very excited. Also, while we were teaching Sandra about the restoration, the Spirit was so strong, and she got goosebumps. It was beautiful. 

Also for my spiritual part of the week, I read 3 Nefi 17 and it was beautiful. I noticed something that I had never noticed before, how Christ comes and heals the people. But then later, he prays for them. After he finishes praying for them, it talks about how his joy is full because of them, and then he starts crying. 
It made me realize how close our Savior truly is to us. He is filled with joy when we are happy, and he is sad when we are having a hard time. He cries for us. He prays for us. And, he heals us. It is so beautiful. Our Savior is nearer to us then we will ever truly now. 

Well I love you all!! Hopefully the next time I write you I will be in Honduras. Mucho amor :)

P.s. The one picture is a picture Elder Valentine drew of me. I pretty much love it. The next picture is one of me on my daily runs. There is like this secret area that no one ever runs on and it is gorgeous! So I thought I would share. Also my district family :) I will send more pictures in a minute. 

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