Friday, November 15, 2013

Hasta Luego Mexico!

Well familia y amigos, 

I will be in HONDURAS TOMORROW!!! I am pretty ecstatic. Yesterday and this morning our three children, I mean Elderes, left for Honduras and El Salvador. It was sad to see them go :( Tomorrow morning all of the Hermanas are out of here. It is sad to leave, because our district is definitely a family, but I know it is an amazing work that we are getting to do.
I do not have much time, so I do not think I will have a chance to write any of your personal emails back, but I love you all and I got to read all of them. They made me very happy :) So keep emailing me :)

So... a few things for this week I learned.
First of all, the Lord has taught me a lot more about faith. A few weeks back I learned a lot about faith and did a big study thing about it. This week, I was reading in Either 12, and the Lord taught me so much more. In Alma 32, it talks about what faith is, and how to gain it and how it grows. In Either 12, it talks about what we can do with faith. I counted ten examples of what people did because of their faith... because of how strongly they believed in God. Ammon converted all of the Lamanites people because of his faith, people saw Christ after he was risen because of their faith, and the brother of Jared saw Christ before he was born because of his faith. I started thinking about how much we can do, if we simply believe. Why do we not believe? Why do we not lean unto God? Because, simply put, with God ALL things are possible. So after that I said a nice ten minute prayer about learning Spanish :) So hopefully it will all kick in quickly, since in about 20 hours I will be completely immersed in Honduras! 
Also, today as our last goodbye, mi maestra shared a talk about the four types of missionaries. It blew me away... the third and fourth missionaries on the outside are completely the same. The difference is that the third type of missionary looks back and longs for his life and his goals and dreams, instead of completely submitting his heart to God. He fails to turn his heart to God. It really made me think about how many times I have thought about things before my mission and longed for them, and I long for things after my mission. God can never change your heart if you constantly are holding on to other things. You cannot submit your will to his if your desires are on other things. Ahhh... completely blew me away. I would encourage everyone to look at your hearts and analyze. I will try to find out the title and author so you can all go read it. It is completely and totally amazing.
Last cool thing. Mi Presidente de nuestro rama, Presidente Torres shared a story. Eight years ago he was a Mission President here in Mexico. He had a senior couple go and serve the menanites, and after their two years, they had not converted anyone. They left feeling like they had not accomplished anything. Eight years later, now, Presidente Torres finds out that they had a Book of Mormon and were reading it. Over 2,000 meet together to read the Book of Mormon, and they are ready to learn more. So awesome. The problem is though they speak like a special dialect of German, which very few people speak. Anyways cool awesome stories.

Well I for reals gotta go but love you all! I think I will get to send an email once I arrive, but I do not really know, since no one really ever tells us anything here! 

Hugs and kisses :) 

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