Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Invite Someone to Come to Church this Week!!

Hello all!!

Well we had another great week here in Campana. Familia Huezo got baptized! It was a beautiful service. We had a ton of rain that morning, so when we filled up the font it was a little off colored, and very cold. It was amazing to watch each one of them go in the font and be baptized. On Sunday they got confirmed. We went and had a lesson with them Sunday afternoon, and Marcito told us that he had an amazing feeling afterwards, and that he has never felt that way before. He even used the word maziso (I think that is how you spell it...) which means really awesome. It was beautiful. We told them we are expecting a letter in a year about their sealing in the Tegucigalpa Temple :)

I realized after their baptism that the luckiest people in this entire process is the missionaries. We get to watch this amazing change in people´s lives. We get to see them change and watch as the Spirit changes their lives; and it is the most beautiful thing in the entire world. I was thinking about how our Father in Heaven feels as he watches us change and grow, and how it is probably the most amazing thing for him as a father to watch us. He knew us long before we knew ourselves, and he gets to watch us every step of the way. We just have to let ourselves change, and let the Spirit change our lives.

We also had another miracle. We have an investigator named Joanna. My companion was teaching her before I came, and when I first came she was not very interested, and we were about to drop her. However, out of the blue she came to church, and she has been coming to church for the last month. She has completely changed. However, her esposo is not so interested and is in the calle (street) drinking a lot. Two Saturdays ago we taught them and we told him it was time to change and come to church. Joanna told him if not she was going to find another place to live. He promised and we found him Sunday morning in the street drunk as can be. Last Saturday we went back and found him sober! We had another "come to Jesus" talk and told them their baptismal date is for Febuary 15, so he has three weeks to change. Joanna talked about how beautiful the lesson was last week about families, and how she wanted that. Yesterday, to our amazement, he came to church! We were so surprised and so happy. We were talking to Joanna in Relief Society and she was telling us how she was surprised too. I pray that they can have all the happiness in the world and that he will continue to change! 

Also we have cambios in a week and a half, which puts us in danger for a transfer. Ahhhh!!!

We also had a big meeting with our mission and the San Pedro Sula East mission. It was pretty awesome Elder Soares of the area presidency talked to us about being dedicated missionaries and working hard. We also got a special blessing for safety, so nobody needs to worry that San Pedro is the second most dangerous city in the world :) 

The work of Salvation is truly the most amazing work in the world. The hardest and most painful as people are uninterested, as you are rejected, and as you watch people make wrong decisions. However, as Alma explains, "How great was our pain, but how much greater and sweeter was our joy!" I know that the Lord is hastening his work for the second coming, and he wants every person to join the ranks. Even if you do not know anyone who is not a member or who you want to share the gospel with, there is lots of less actives that need a warm hug and an invitation to come to church this Sunday.

I love you all so much!

P.S... this fruit is zapote and is super delicious. It is in the avocado family. One of our investigators shared it with us... you could say that I will love her forever for sharing with me this amazingness :) 

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