Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mi Alma Canta, a mi Señor y Dios, Grande Eres Tu!

Happy February!

I was very shocked as I realized yesterday that it is now February. I was reading in people's emails that yesterday was the Superbowl! That is exciting, I had no idea haha. I feel pretty shut off from America sometimes :) But it is okay because I love the work that I am doing, and the mission is the greatest experience. I now understand all those chapters in Alma where they talk about how great was their suffering, yet how sweet was their joy. The people here are such great examples to me, and every day they amaze me in some way or another. I have realized how truly blessed I am, and that my whole life I have never taken the opportunity to thank the Lord for everything that I have. 

So we are pretty sure this is the last week that my companera and I get together. She has been in our area for five months, so we are pretty sure that there is a change coming :( Since we were pretty sure we had a change coming, this past week we decided to set our goals high. So we got 60 lessons in this week! Last night we were running home to make it home before curfew as we were finishing up our 60th lesson for the week. Every person was staring at us as we were running home, because no one runs here. They were all like "Crazy white girls..." haha. 

This week I have realized how great the Lord is, and how important it is that we do what he wants us to do. Yesterday we were in a lesson and we were singing How Great Thou Art and I totally started tearing up (life problems!). The Lord has such great plans for us and he is always taking care of us. The Lord is turning us into a beautiful masterpiece every second of every day. He has given everything for us, and he asks that we do the same and give everything for him so that he can change us and bless us with everything he has promised. Every day we get to change into something better, and every day we have the opportunity to give our hearts to him. 

I love you all, and Honduras is as beautiful as ever :) I am working on my tan and the sun is shining brightly :) 

Also below I am putting a picture of Isabel and Ronan. They are the cutest kids ever! 

Love you all! 

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