Friday, July 4, 2014


This week we got to go to San Pedro to here a beautiful message from none other than Elder Ochoa! It was beautiful, he talked about faith. Faith is something that I feel like we can never truly understand, and we can never have enough faith. We can always build our faith more. He also said that there are thousands of prepared children of God, but many times we, as missionaries, just need to exercise more faith to find them! His message was absolutely beautiful. 
This week we have made some changes, we have stopped visiting quite a few people, in pursuit to find new people. We found one of them the other day as we were walking. He was sitting on the side of the road, and we decided to contact him. He told us that he had heard about the church, and that one of his familiar had invited him, but had never told him where it was or at what time. We quickly told him all of the above information, then we had a lesson about how important it is to act. On Sunday he showed up at church with his daughter! 
We also were walking, when someone told us "goodbye Hermanas!" I looked at him and had no idea who he was. I went back to talk to him, and he told us that he was here from Tegucigalpa with his family. He is sick and he is here in Santa Rosa for treatment. We invited him to come to church, and I thought he was a member. He showed up with his daughter on Sunday, and we got to talk to him a little bit more. He said that he is not actually a member, but wants to get baptized here in Santa Rosa. 
We are also teaching another hermano who knew the Elders when he was a boy in Ocotopeque (Ocotopeque is about 2 hours more in the mountains from here in Santa Rosa). He has a lot of interest in the church, and this last Saturday we got to meet his wife and his son.  The first time we had a lesson with him we didn´t go because something came up, and when we went the next day he asked us why we hadn´t come. This is a strange thing, very very rarely do people ask us why we didn´t show up! 
We also contacted a girl who was standing outside of her house, and she was super sweet and wanted us to come. As we were walking away a man walked up to her and started saying all sorts of things about ¨ those Mormons.¨ It was crazy seeing how much hatred he had. Truly, this gospel is a gospel of love, not of hatred. 
It is interesting that out of the twenty people we talk to a day, maybe one will be receptive and want to hear more. Truly sometimes God wants us to work hard to see the miracles! But I know when we work hard, and when we exercise our faith and open our mouths, he will bless us and help us find his children.
Yesterday we got on the spot opportunity to give talks in church. It was great having the opportunity to testify that truly I know, Jesus Christ is my Savior, and that this is his church. The Lord does not change, and even if we stand alone, we must stand strong and proclaim the truth. We truly need to have more faith and search more for the Savior. I know when we do this, he will create miracles in our lives. He is our Lord, and our redeemer, and I love my Savior.

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