Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Beautiful Work of Temples!

This week I have been thinking a lot about the Savior Jesus Christ and everything he has done for us. This probably started when I started reading the Pearl of Great Price. I love the Pearl of Great Price, it is absolutely beautiful! Lucky for me, my comp started reading it too, but she is about two chapters behind me. So during companionship study, I get to break the ice and tell her what happens in two chapters, and she gets to remind me about what I read the day before. I love it because truly we learn so much about the creation and the manner of God. Also, about the power of Christ and the power of Satan, and how both of them are working hard-- one to save us, the other to destroy us. I also love how in these chapters we learn about the Plan of Salvation and about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly the lessons we teach every day God taught Adam and his family. However, my favorite part is in Moses 7 when we learn about Christ, and his ministry, and also about those who were in prison being released (Moses 7:57) ¨And as many of the spirits as were in prison came forth, and stood on the right hand of God¨ Truly the plan of God all works together.
So I have been thinking a lot about the temple, and the saving ordiances we do there. This Sunday the youth came back from a temple trip. To go to the Tegucigalpa temple from here in Santa Rosa is about a 9 hour bus ride. To be able to go without paying each one had to index 1,000 names! On Sunday each youth and leader who went bore their testimonies. It was absolutely beautiful as each one shared their testimony about indexing and how powerful it was to do the work for their ancestors. Truly temple work is powerful and a way people can be saved! Which just made me miss the temple so much, but it is okay because luckily in Utah we have a million, and I can visit all of them after :)
After church we had our mission meeting with our branch mission leader. He is super awesome, and he got to go with the youth to the temple. He was telling us the different stories of things that happened while they were in the temple, and other stories that he had heard. Truly this is the work of the Lord, and the people in the Spirit World are much closer than we can imagine!

This week also went well. This past Sunday we had three different less active families in church! We were so happy. Each week we are seeing the miracles that God is blessing us with! This is truly the work of the Lord. I love getting to feel the Spirit every day, and getting the opportunity to testify of the truths of the gospel. I am falling more and more in love with this area and the people here. Right now the flowers are absolutely gorgeous here in Santa Rosa, and sometimes there is a million butterflies and it is absolutely magical. I love getting to serve here in Honduras, and truly I have learned that the most important things in the world is God, the church, and our families. Here so many people live on so little, and they are extremely happy. So many times we get lost in the things of the world, and what we need to do is refocus on the things that are important. Because truly what will we take with us when we die? What do we want when we make it to the other world? We will want to be with God and our family, and the church is the way we get there. Happiness in this life is only gained through living the gospel and being close to those we love.
Well I love you all, and I hope you are feeling the Spirit of Elijah like I have been feeling lately since listening to all the testimonies this past Sunday :) Happy Pioneer´s Day!
This photo is because I am madly in love with the Tegucigalpa temple, even though I have never been there :D One day! 

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