Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baptism with a font half full.

Well this week has been super crazy and exciting, as every week is here in Honduras. 

The exciting news of the week is that Fabiola got baptized!! Fabiola is so cute. She is 20 years old and is absolutely amazing. I am also in love with her son, Mario (shhh... don´t tell anyone!) He is sooo cute, he is three years old, and we (my companion and I) both want to keep him. Her baptism was a little crazy, and stressful. I have yet to truly see a baptism that goes absolutely smoothly. I feel like the adversary is always hard at work to try to make problems and cause a ruckus. The other sisters in our branch also had a baptism, so they went to the church in the afternoon to fill up the baptismal font. There is a problems with the drain in our church, and so half the water was gone by the time it was time for the baptism. So, we were going to put more water in the font when we realized that there was no more water in the church... or in all of Santa Rosa. 
Well, luckily for me I remembered a letter of Davis (Elder Lundberg!) where he talked about having a baptism where there was almost no water. So, with faith, we went on with the baptism. The person who was supposed to do the baptisms last minute told us he couldn´t, so we were running looking for someone to do the baptisms. One of the counselors of the branch president told us he could do it. So we had the baptism, and in the end, everything was beautiful. Nora and Jose, and their cute daughter, Fabiola also came to the baptism. Exciting news for them, today we finally put in all the papers for their wedding!! They should be getting married this 29th of August and getting baptized either the same day or the 30th. So yes, the work of the Lord is moving forward here in Santa Rosa! 
Last night I was putting the baptismal record in our binder for baptismal records. I started looking through all the different records, and I was shocked that there were so many people that I did not know. Truly Satan works hard on those who accept the gospel. The other day when we were at a members house, (Mama Veronica) she told us of a quote of a prophet that said Latter Day Saints will be tried harder than others because of the light that we have. We have to be strong, and true to our testimonies, in order to stand strong during the hardships of this life. She also told us that one of the greatest trials is those who have everything. Who have health, money, everything that they need to be happy. It is harder for those people to remember God and trust in Him. And oh how true it is! I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard here of complete faith. One of my favorites is of a member here in Santa Rosa that I visited when I was in the other area. She told us that her son was sick, and she did not have enough money for medicine. She prayed, and her son, the next day, was healed. This is just one of the dozens of stories I have heard. I love the faith of the people here, because so many of them do not have almost anything, but they have faith, and God truly manifests his hand in their lives. 

For other random news, today we went to see a castle in Gracias (which is about an hour away) It was super pretty and all white. Don´t get too excited when you hear castle... it is actually really very small. Spain built it as a lookout when they ruled here in Honduras. 

Well... that is all. I hope that you all have a great week! I hear a lot of people are starting school... that is crazy! I cannot believe how fast time flies. Love you all!!

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