Saturday, August 23, 2014

Six more weeks in Santa Rosa

Well this week has been a week of miracles!
The first amazing thing happened yesterday when we had 11 people in sacrament meeting!!! Such a miracle. I was on the stand leading the music (Luckily this time there was power so we had the CD to give the tune´s of all the songs :) and I was in awe as more and more came in! I wanted to make an excited face at my companion, but sadly she is super small and I couldn´t see her with all the other heads in the congregation. Ahhh missionary problems. But I want to tell you all about our amazing people. 
Nora and Jose are awesome! They are a couple and they have an adorable daughter named Fabiola who is three years old. Fabiola has finally started warming up to us and will finally give us a hug, and sometimes a kiss if we are extra lucky :) They are the cutest family in the entire world. Jose is the brother in law of a less active who has started coming to church. I am seriously in love with them. Our first lesson we gave them a Family Proclamation for the World, and they loved it. 
Maria is a mother of four kids. Her husband is a little crazy, which is normal. She has been really confused lately, but we told her she had to try it, she had to come to church, she had to come see what it was like. The week before two of her kids came, one who is ten years old and the other who is six years old on their own (I know, crazy awesome right?) We have not talked to her yet about how it went, but we were super happy she came. Hopefully she can feel better and feel that this is truly where she belongs.
We also have a trio of single adults we are trying to get baptized. Wilmer is awesome and we are hoping for this Saturday! Fabiola is also super adorable, and my companion and I both love her to death. She has been coming to church for over a month now but doesn´t know if she is ready. We are also teaching Valeria, she is super cute as weel, but she too does not know if she is ready. 
We also are teaching someone who I cannot ever remember his name, but I always call him Senor de la Savana (Man of the Savanna) because he lives in the Savanna and he is old. We have only taught him once but he wants to get baptized in a river, which I think would be super crazy awesome since I have always wanted to have a baptism in a river. Hopefully I will get to be here when it happens! 
I am super happy though because we are seeing results of all of our crazy work :) Sometimes it is super rough though as we have to say goodbye to families and people we are in love with because they are not progressing. It is THE WORST, because you fall in love with them only to tell them you cannot visit them anymore because they are not fulfilling their end of the bargain. Ahh. Also, this week we were jumping up and down because neither of us had changes!!! Yeah! Six more weeks to work here in Santa Rosa! The other sisters in our branch had changes, which I was sad about, but then super happy because Hermana Gardner, who was my companion for 15 days in a trio, came to Santa Rosa. She was also the companion of my companion, so we are all super happy. This week I also finished the Pearl of Great Price, so I have officially finished the triple in Spanish! Now to try to get down the Bible in Spanish. This is a whole nother quest, but hopefully with faith it will happen :) 

A principal of the gospel that I have learned more about this week is the power of the fast! Truly when we fast we can find miracles. My companion and I were reading in Alma about how they prayed and fasted, and afterwards they were blessed with success. I know this is true! I was also reading in the Bible and someone came to the apostles to perform a miracle, and they couldn´t. So they went and asked Jesus to help them. He told them that this type of miracle could only be accomplished with much fasting and prayer (Matthew 17:14-21). I know when we fast we call down the powers of Heaven to help and bless us. If we feel we are stuck, or that we cannot move anymore, it is time to pray and fast. Maybe we will not receive what we want, but we will receive what we need.
Well I love you all! Have a great week.

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