Sunday, June 9, 2013

Camping Adventures


Last weekend my roommates and I decided to be adventurous and go camping. Emily and I had found a nifty little camping area up Rock Canyon when we were hiking a few days before. We decided that was to be our destination. After hiking Rock Canyon for over an hour in the dark, our beautiful camp site was taken. So we grudgingly kept hiking until we found a small clearing near the river to make camp.

Luckily, Rachel and Emily are rather skilled mountain women and were able to make us a fire and a tent of sorts out of tarps. We ate hot dogs and s'mores before bed. However, none of us really slept because it is still freezing cold in the mountains. In the morning I was freezing and grumpy, but luckily we left early enough so I didn't have to suffer too long in the morning.

Virginia and I before the hike up to the camping spot

Freezing cold in the morning!

The end of our camping adventures

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