Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Narrows and the Dirty Dash!


I traveled down to St. George with some family and friends. We went hiking in the narrows, and had a grandios time. We thought we had hiked very, very far, but alas, we didn't go very far at all. Oh the joys of hiking through water :)

T.J., Jesse, and me :)

We went for all the cool photo-ops!

 Lacie and I are the cool cats

 Gorgeous views!

All the Harmon's


and driving home we stopped by good old Beaver!

Two days later, on Saturday, I ran the 10k Dirty Dash with Ty, Jesse, and Tabitha. For those who don't know, the Dirty Dash is an obstacle course/race where you get nice and dirty :) It is super fun. 

The before...

And after...

I have to say my favorite part was swimming through big tubes with lots of mud in them. We also got mud shot at us while trying to get through another mud slide. Soooo much fun :) Definitely the best race I have ever done. 

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