Sunday, June 9, 2013

Of Spiritual Things...

I officially sent in my letter of acceptance for my mission to Honduras! It definitely took me long enough. Now to get everything else prepared and ready :)

I also had the opportunity to go through the St. George temple. It was 107 degrees in St. George, but I still had a lovely time. I definitely felt God's love and the spirit. The temple is an amazing and beautiful place, and I am so glad for the blessings that are available there. For more information about temples...

I went to the St. George temple when I was twelve for youth conference. We did baptisms, and ever since then I have absolutely loved the St. George temple. The St. George temple was the first temple built out West, and the third temple after Kirtland and Nauvoo. The saints sacrificed so much to build it. The matron also told us that the St. George temple is the exact same square footage as the Nauvoo temple. It definitely has a special spirit about it. 

I had an amazing experience and I am so glad I got to share it with such awesome people. I love my family so much and I am so glad they got to be there with me. 
I am so grateful for my family and for my Heavenly Father. I have such a strong testimony of God's love for me and his hand in my life. I am so excited to share with others God's love for them and his plan of eternal life for everyone. 

My favorite scripture is Isaiah 64:8. 
"But now, O Lord, thou art our afather; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the bwork of thy hand."

I feel like this scripture perfectly describes how I feel about the Savior's hand in my life, sculpting me to be my best self, and to be who he needs me to be. He is constantly helping me and guiding me in ways I never thought was possible. The Savior loves all of his children and wants them to be able to guide and "clay" them to be their best selves as well. I am so grateful for the Savior, and the gospel for leading me towards him. He can truly guide us to be our best selves, and to be so much more than we ever imagined ourselves to be. I am grateful for the opportunity to come closer to him everyday. I hope everyone will be willing to draw closer to the Savior, and let him wrap his arms of love around them. The Savior's love can truly change lives, if you open your heart to him. 

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