Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Dog Bite, a Borracho, and a Puente

So my adventures here in Honduras have definitely started!

Yes... as the title says, a dog finally got me. It is a very small bite near my elbow and I am actually pretty impressed for how large the dog is that it is not a lot worse. I knew it was coming since mi companera and mi otra companera in this area both got bit, but I was in denial that it would ever happen. But I think everything should be fine, I just have to make sure in 7 days that the dog is not dead. Fun stuff. I just think some of the dogs here are possessed with Devils and so they are trying to keep the work from moving forward. Ha! Little do they know. 

Yesterday I also had a nice experience with a borracho. So we were talking to someone and I turn around and this man is standing right there. Woah. So I stuck my hand out for the cordial do not touch me handshake. But then of course he was not giving me my hand back after I was pulling for it. Then he was telling me Happy New Year and going in for a hug (I think). My brain was processing what was happening when I hear Hermana Pickett pretty much yell Disculpe!! Disculpe!! And yank my shoulders back and save me. Ahh we ran away laughing our heads off at what happens only in Honduras. 

There is also now a puente in our river that we have to cross to get to one of our investigators. Best day ever! So now only our feet get wet instead of our thighs. Score.

We also started our English class this week. I was actually pretty impressed with how many people came.

This week I have also realized that if having investigators is anything like having children, I am not sure I am up for the task. My heart breaks everytime they promise us they are going to come to church or do something else and then they do not do it. I honestly have no idea how God does it. This week we had 18 investigators come to church! Yay! But also I could not but help thinking about the others who had promised us they would come and never showed up. They are the real heartbreakers! Also when they are sitting alone or no one is talking to them I am like hey! They came to church! Go talk to them people. These are my kids here. 

We are hoping for a baptism this week of Heidi, but she has to get permission from her mom first. She is 16 and she is seriously my hero. She is basically raising her two younger siblings and she is super pilas. I hope everyone prays that she will be able to get baptized this Saturday! Julia is still amazing, but her son Christian, who is 16, is having doubts about whether or not he wants to get baptized. Last time we talked to him though he had not prayed about it, so we are hoping things will change. And Lucy is breaking my heart because she said she was having doubts because her esposo does not like the church. Ahhh. But she told us she felt it in her heart that it was true. Also Familia Huezo all came to church last week so we are hoping that they will be able to get baptized in two Saturdays. They are awesome too. These people are the greatest. Heartbreakers sometimes, but the greatest. 

Also I just want everyone to know how greateful I am that we have a prophet, Presidente Monson. We are so lucky. God speaks, not spoke. We have an amazing opportunity to have a guide in this life so that we do not have to wander in darkness. I love how Presidente Monson always teaches about being grateful, lifting and serving others, and that God loves each and every one of us. His talk in Conference about never being alone, and also his talk in the Relief Society broadcast make me want to cry every time I read them.   
I love you all, and I know God lives and loves us and he has called a prophet because he wants us to have the ability to follow him. We are the luckiest people in the world because we have this gospel. 

Happy New Years!

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