Saturday, January 18, 2014

Street lessons? My favorite!

Hello Everyone!!

Well this week has been exciting as always. I have officially started my shots for rabies! Luckily I only have to get five shots instead of 20. So far I have gotten two of them. So nobody fear, I am not going to start foaming at the mouth, howling at the moon, or have random erratic violence problems. At first when I found out I had to get rabies shots I was way bummed since my bite is so small and so not a problem... but my companion and I have decided that it is probably good since we cannot for the life of us find this dog.                
It does make a really good excuse though "I am so sorry, that was not me... it was my rabies (or here mi rabia... )" So yes, that is now my excuse for things.
The other night it was also freezing cold! It was so cold I woke up, and the next day we were talking to the other missionaries about it. My companion just looked up the temperature and it was 70 degrees. I think it is safe to say I might die when I go back to Utah. We also had one rainy day, and here in Honduras, if it is raining, people do not leave their houses. Seriously. We would go to peoples houses and they would look at us in shock and say "Hermanas! We were not expecting you to come!" We had one person who did not let us in because it would require them to go out in the rain. They were like come back an other day Hermanas. So yes, welcome to Honduras :)       

This week we are planning the baptism of Heidi.  We were also planning for our awesome family to get baptized, but  the Dad had to leave for work, and we are not sure when he will get back . So this makes things a little difficult, but I know God has a plan and he is going to figure things out for us. On Saturday night we also had a cool experience. We were at the gate for our house and about to go in when we saw the wife of the Stake President and the Stake President. They are pretty impressive people. We talked with them for a minute then were about to go in when the wife says "Hermanas! Hermanas! Venga (come)". She introduces us to Armando, who is 18 years old. Apparently she has wanted him to come to church for a while now and she is trying to get him to commit to come to church. Being the awesome Hermanas we are we decide this is a wonderful opportunity to sing a hymn and pray in the street, invite him to church, and get a lesson with a member out of it. So after inviting him to church, I look at him and say "Estabien si cantamos un himno y hagamos un oracion?" He looks at me a bit incredulously, but of course the Stake President is like "Yes! That is a great idea!" So we have our hymn and prayer in the street, and of course we pray that he will come to church. Afterwards we promised him the blessings of coming to church and left. When we left we were not very hopeful he was going to come, but Sunday morning... dun dun dun... there is Armando. We were pretty shocked. We set a lesson with him and went and visited him last night. He had completely changed! He said that he loved church. The Stake President and his wife were there with us for this lesson as well. We were planning on doing Lesson 1, but with the Stake President we (I mean he...) definitely just jumped right to the good stuff, Book of Mormon and baptism.  So Armando has a fecha for the 1st of Febraro and is going to start reading the Book of Mormon. Yeah! Also, so you all know, street lessons are so normal here. I think half of our lessons our in the calle (street). We have no shame of singing and praying for everyone to hear : ) 

These past weeks I have definitely started learning the power of attending church, and how when people come to church, they suddenly have such a stronger desire to change and to be a part of this gospel.  What a blessing church is! When people come to church they suddenly start understanding what this gospel is about, and they are able to feel the Spirit... even when we have dogs running through the church building   #HondurasProblems           

Also, just so you all know, I might be a little freaked out when I come home. The other day we saw a bunch of Americans and I think I just stared at them for a while, and then went up and asked if they spoke English. They all looked at me like I was crazy. Then I remembered... oh yeah I look like you guys. We also got to ride in the car of the APs (craziness) and I seriously could not figure out how to unlock the door and  get out of that car. It was like a space machine or something. We were also at an investigators house and we decided to have the lesson outside since it was a beautiful day. Well.. they have a washer (outside) and I just stared at it for a while in shock, then I remembered,  oh yeah I had one of those in the States. All you have to do is put your clothes in and they come out clean. It was the first washer I had seen since being in Honduras!   Anyways I hope everyone is counting their blessings! One thing I have learned here is that things are so arbitrary and unimportant. All that really matters is that you have the basics and your family.

Well for this week I have definitely been thinking about how easy and simple the gospel is. We teach how to gain eternal life on one hand. Faith: believe in Christ and in this gospel. Repent of your sins. Be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. Continue having faith, repenting, and living the gospel. That is it! And if we endure, we get to live with God, and Jesus Christ, and our families... FOREVER. Wow. In Alma 33:19-21 it talks about the people of Moses who would not look  at the staff and live because of the easiness of the way. Then again in Alma 37:44-4 6 it talks about how the Liahona was a symbol for us, and how easy it was for them to look at the Liahona and be guided, and how easy it is for us as well. This gospel is so simple and the way is easy! We just need to follow. Never let the hardness of our hearts get in the way of our blessings and our eternal life. The way is easy, and our lives are so much happier with this gospel then without it.                                                                                                                                                                  
Well I love you all forever and always.          

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