Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hugs and kisses from Honduras!

I hope everyone had such an amazing Christmas! Here in Campana we ate lots of tamales and sandwich! (Not sandwiches.. just sandwich :). I got my packages the day before Christmas (yay!) so Christmas Eve mi companera y yo set up my miniature pink tree and cooked tortillas harina y tajatas. We had to come in at six because of the festivities of Honduras so we had a good Christmas eve, then Christmas we opened up our presents and went and visited people. It was a pretty good Christmas. Here Christmas is a lot different from the States, very few people have trees or give presents (at least in my area... it may be different in other areas) but almost everyone gathered with their family. I also got to give out my candy canes from my package (thanks!!) and all the people loved the candy canes! Here apparently they do not have candy canes.
Anyways but I have to tell you about our amazing Sunday! We had 21 investigators come to church!! We definitely set a high record. We were so amazed as we just saw more and more people come in. The Lord definately blessed us! One of our investigators who came we were about to drop but she showed up at church! She said her neice had woken up early and told her "let´s go to church! Come on!" So there they were. It was amazing I have no idea what happened other than the Spirit had inspired so many people to come.
I also need to tell you all about our amazing investigator Lucy. Lucy is a boss. We went and visited her at the beginning of this week and she told us that her esposo (which is basically her husband minus the marriage part. Here everyone calls their significant other esposo y esposa, but it is pretty rare for anyone to actually be married). Entonces her esposo and her neighbour were saying that the Mormones worship a different God and we worship Joseph Smith. Lucy told them that she liked when we came and had good feelings when we came. Her esposo told her that it was the devil giving her those good feelings. But she stood up for us! That lesson we taught about the Book of Mormon, and when we came back she had read all of the Introduction and the Testimonies (we had only given her the introduction, but she is amazing so of course she read more). However she told us she was having a hard time with prayer and she could not pray. So we talked about prayer and read some scriptures about prayer. Then we all kneeled and first I said the prayer and she repeated what I said. Then I told her okay it is your turn now to do it by yourself! She was super nervous but she gave the sweetest prayer and the Spirit was so strong!! We were so happy when we left that she was able to pray! The next day we passed by for her to let her know there was an activity at the church. She told us she could not come because she had to wait for her esposo to come home from work with the keys and he did not usually come home until late. So we asked if we could say a prayer with her, and mi companera prayed that she would be able to come and her esposo would come home with the keys. We went to our other sitas and arrived at the activity late, and there was Lucy!! We were so happy! But the story is not over yet... so Lucy has been really sick, so we asked her if she would like a Priesthood blessing. She said that would be fine, so we went back later that night. However it is hard sometimes finding people to give blessings. But we found Chris, a super amazing convert of a little over a year who is 18 and putting in his papers soon. We asked him if he could come help us and give the blessing. He was super scared and we did not have oil. Somehow we found oil and we went to Lucy´s. Mi companera explained more about the Priesthood and blessings, then asked Chris to explain. He talked about how it was also up to her faith. Then before the blessing he gave the sweetest prayer. The blessing was the shortest most powerful blessing I have ever heard. The blessing was so strong, and I could feel the faith of both Lucy and Chris. At the end Lucy had tears in her eyes, and we asked her to give the closing prayer. In her prayer she prayed to have more faith, and it was so sweet. We are going to check in with her today so hopefully she is feeling better! Her daughter Mabia is also amazing, she is 11 and wanted her own copy of the Book of Mormon to read. I love both of them!
We also met Julia this week! Julia is also a boss. She left her abusive esposo (which is pretty much unheard of here!) and her and her four kids are living with her mom. She has come to church twice and loves it. We have not really gotten to give a lesson yet but we are already planning her baptismal date. We have helped her the past two times make tortillas instead of lessons because she has a venda for tortillas and has to finish her tortillas before the next day. She is amazing and has so much faith!
We have also had a few crazy people this week. We had a lesson with someone who is like a pastor guy and he was a little crazy. So we bore our testimonies and left. Also with a pastor lady (how do we even find these people??) But we left her too since she did not believe we could have profetas hoy en dia. 

Also the other night it was 7:45 and our lesson had fallen through, so we had 15 more minutes before we needed to be in the house. So I told mi companera "alright! time for some LPE!" (LPE is basically just when you talk to people about the church). She told me that it was time for me to practice my Spanish so go for it. Ughhh.... okay. So we were walking on our way back to our house and there is a bunch of like 7 or 8 thirteen year old boys who always yells at us "I love you forever!". So I decided these were our people tonight. So we went and talked to them, and asked them if they knew what I love you forever meant... and they did not so we explained it. They asked me if I speak English, and I was like well yah... That is why I sound like a fool right now trying to talk in Spanish. So I taught them "good night!" and told them whenever they see the Hermanas to say "Good night Hermanas!" We sang a hymn with them too. It was a good fifteen minutes. We were walking away and they said "good night Hermans!" But then they said I love you forever too.
But anyways it is going great in Campana and I am loving it. The other day I read about how Christ, in the premortal world had told the Father "Thy will be done, and the glory be thine." I realized that is really the phrase for the mission as well. All we as missionaries can do is work super hard and try to help people... but in the end the Lord´s will be done, and the glory is always his. This is his work, and I have been lucky enough to be given a portion of his vineyard to work in. I know that this is the Lord´s work, and that it is truly his work and glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.
Well I love you all so much! Happy new years! I hope in your new years resolutions is to spread the gospel! (This is eternal salvation we are talking about here...)
Hugs and kisses from Honduras!

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