Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Joys of Missionary Work!

Hello Everyone!!

It has been another lovely week in Campana. Sometimes though I think the Lord likes to try the patience of not  just the people, but also of the missionaries. In fact, I am pretty convinced of that. This week has been beautiful, every day, and then Sunday we had buckets and buckets of rain! Just so everyone knows, when there is rain, NO ONE LEAVES. I am pretty sure here people think they will melt or something. Whenever we show up at people´s houses they always look at us in shock that we are actually WALKING in the rain. So Sunday we were passing by for people to come to church, and they were all like, ¨"Sorry Hermanas, you are crazy to be walking in this wheather, no, we cannot come to church." And we were like ¨Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.¨¨ But, of course, as soon as church ended there was the sun once again. Our assistencia for our ward was half of what it normally is! Oh the joys of Honduras :) But Familia Huezo and Julia were there, being the amazing converts that they are. I have to say out of all the Sundays to rain buckets, this was definitely the Sunday to do so because for the two hours after Sacrament we had a special meeting about Family History. Our four investigators that were there I was trying to sit by them and explain what baptisms for the dead are, why we do them, parts of the Plan of Salvation, and everything else. They all were looking at me a little freaked about everything. Oh the joys of missionary work :)

We are hoping Mexi and Kendi get baptized this coming Sunday! They are soo scared though, so I hope everyone prays for them that they will be able to get baptized this Sunday. We are also hoping Marco is able to get baptized. Marco is awesome, he is 19 and the only person in his family. He has been looking into the church for about eight months now, but he left for San Pedro for about four months and he is back now. We are re teaching him all the lessons, and our last lesson he was talking about how much he has changed. This gospel is so amazing. It truly changes people!! And it changes people for the better. There is truly a new light with people. It is so beautiful. 

Also a cool fact is that TOMS does actually give out another pair of shoes to kids in need. The other day a bunch of families were telling us about how they were going to the school to get free shoes. Afterwards they were all showing us and they were all black TOMS. I was kinda in shock, because I have never really considered the people here in need. Yes, they have a lot less than people in America, but they are all so happy and they all seem to be getting a long just fine. It is funny how much my idea of ¨poor¨ has changed. Money really isn´t even important, and like Julia told me the other day ¨¨I am glad I am poor, that way I know I won´t ever be focused on my things, and I will always rely on God.¨¨ There it is. The lesson of this life.  

This week Maria, Yeimy and Odalis of Familia Huezo went to the temple. They were telling me about their experience and my heart was melting. Also Julia payed her tithing for the first time this week. These sweet moments make every morning of waking up at 6:30, every sore muscle and confused moment worth it. This work is amazing! 

I love you all! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine´s day. For Valentine´s Day I fell on one of the dirt roads with lots of rocks and I now have some pretty nice battle wounds. We had a lesson and our last lesson with the family had not gone very well. We went and my entire calf was covered in blood. We kept yelling ¨buenas¨¨ and no one was answering, so finally we just walked in and I pretty much begged to use their pila to wash all the blood off. (A Pila is basically a big basin of water where we do everything, wash our clothes, a lot of times wash our dishes, things like that). Now I can´t really kneel which makes praying kinda awkward... so I hope I recooperate really really quickly since we spend about as much time on our knees as we do walking (which is a lot....)

Love you all!                         

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