Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dreams? Visions? Honduras!

Whooo!! Today I have six months in Honduras. I think I can officially call myself a catracha! (Catracha is a woman from Honduras). Si hombre jei!!
So today I was walking in the beautiful Santa Rosa and I finally put my finger on why I do not feel like Santa Rosa is apart of Honduras. It is because there is no trash. Where is all of the trash?!?  Who knew I would actually miss the trash, I mean really.... it just feels too clean and refined. Haha. Where is my good old Honduras? Also today I was helping one of our investigators with his English homework and we were practicing his pronunciation. He told me, "you talk a lot differently when you talk in English and when you talk in Spanish." It made me so happy!! Hopefully that means I do not sounds like such a Gringa :) My companion and I almost even convinced someone today that I was from Mexico! Whooo. I actually think he was just naive though, because she was convincing him she was from the States... but ya never know. Maybe one day I will be able to convince people I am a Mexicana!
So for this week...

We had a baptism! This was my first baptism that I have kinda walked into without actually teaching them very much. I was sad that I did not have the opportunity to see it all happen, but meh, it is the mission. They are all the Lord´s converts anyways so it doesn´t matter too much. This baptism was apparently a huge miracle though. His name is Daniel, and he is a friend of a member named Fernando. He is 17 years old, and he has wanted to get baptized for a while now, but his Dad is a pastor of another church. About a week after I came here his dad finally gave him permission! whoo. Saturday night we were preparing for the baptism. We got the Elders to come down to do the interview, and right after the interview, we got a phone call saying that there was no water in the church. So we decided we would have to have the baptism in the church of the Elders. So we go down to the other church, to find out that no one has keys for the baptismal font. Where are the keys? Well, they eventually showed up! And miracle of miracles, the baptism was only an hour and a half later than we had planned. The great thing was, I was not stressed at all for the entire thing. I think I have figured out that for certain things in the mission I will always encounter problems. The first being baptism, and the second is when it is time to Skype the family. Always, always problems. But, I have stopped being stressed! Take that Satan, because God always makes it work out :) Yeah for trusting in God!

The other crazy thing that has happened this week is dreams. One of our investigatos was telling us he had a dream that he was in a beautiful area with beautiful trees and animals and there was a river. My companion being the crazy awesome inspired woman that she is pulled out her scriptures and opened up the picture of the River Jordan where Jesus was baptized, and asked him if his dream looked like this. He said that it was exactly the same, except there were no animalitos (little animals) in the picture. We explained to him that is where Jesus was baptized, and read to him the story. He still looked at us with confusion and said he did not understand what his dream meant. We tried to help him understand what it meant, but nothing. So we finally read the story of Joseph when he interpreted the dream for Pharaoh, and told him we could tell him what his dream meant. It means you need to get baptized! But he is still a little iffy and confused. Maybe next time the Spirit will speak a little more direct to him :)  
We also had another cool dream story. We went to go visit a less active member, and his mom was there. She is always really sweet to us. We started talking to her and how all of her kids were members. Let´s just say here in the mission I have stopped being all suave sita. I just ask the questions that get straight to the point. So I asked her, "If all your kids are members, why aren´t you?" And she explained she had been preparing for baptism, and something had gone wrong with the paperwork. We were way confused, but we are now preparing her for baptism! She told us eleven years ago she had a dream that a man had told her this was the true church, and that she has always known this is the church. Now we just gotta get her pumped to actually come to church! Yeah.
So yep those are a few of the things that are happening here in Santa Rosa. Today I read a super awesome scripture, and I am going to try to apply it into my mission. I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants 52, where the Lord calls a bunch of people to be missionaries, including my ancestor, William Carter (oh yeah!). At the end of the section though, in verse 40, it says "
 40 And remember in all things the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted, for he that doeth not these things, the same is not my disciple.
So I have decided I need to incorporate this more, I need to help the poor and needy and the sick and the afflicted. I am not sure how yet, but I am sure the Lord has a lovely plan! Here in Santa Rosa is a little different from my old area, because people will actually tell us "no" about coming in and visiting them. So I have decided my goal is that people will be able to feel the love of God when they see us, because the love of God seriously changes people. How can I help people feel the love of God in thirty seconds? I have no clue! But I am working on it, because I know as missionaries are purpose is to invite people to come unto Christ, and sometimes people need a little of the love of Christ before they can come unto Christ. 
So yep! There is a little of my week here in Santa Rosa.
For all of you who want to understand where I am... here is a map of the different "counties" in Honduras. Right now I am in Copan, the area to the far right in the middle. It is about three hours from San Pedro Sula. Before I was in Cortes. 

And here is a picture of a Street that I actually look down, like every other day. At the end the big white building is a Catholic Cathedral that is actually rather pretty, and to the left of the cathedral is a park that is also actually quite beautiful. Today I was sitting outside this cathedral :) Oh yeah!

This is in my old area in Campana, one day I was on divisions and my dear Hermana Bayles took this photo. I think it looks pretty cool myself :) We were trekking out to visit one of our investigators that lives kinda far.

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