Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last week of October, and it is a chilly 80 degrees :)

Well!!! Here we are, in the end of October. Sadly, Honduras doesn't celebrate Halloween, but at least that means that there won't be any distractions and people should still be in there houses to teach them :)

This week we have met a ton of new crazy people and been enjoying life. Since my new companion is in training, we are going through all the principles of Preach my Gospel again. One of the principles I had forgotten was to invite people to be baptized in the first or second lesson. Well, we have started to do so, and BOOM it is great! We are really able to see their potential and who they can become as members of the church. They also get excited about it, and if not, they often share with us their doubts/concerns/fears, which is also super great. 

We have started teaching a crazy awesome man named Porfirio. I love this man! He is an older man. We met him a little more than a month ago one day when Hermana Moron and I were helping someone cleap up their leaves in their lawn. He was quite impressed by us, and told us where he lived. Everytime we passed by the house was always dark and there was no one to be found. Well, one night with Hermana Roca all of our lessons had fallen through so we went searching for him again. This time he was there! He said he had been thinking about Moron and I, and was super happy we were there. He is learning Hebrew, and knows A TON about the Bible. I think he is Jew? But we aren't really sure. All of our lessons are hard to teach anything, but it is okay since we learn a bunch too! The other day he told us that soon after he had met us, he had a dream that he was in a Mormon church. So we are praying hard for him :) We are also super excited for our cute Yuber. I always think about the first time I met him! We are teaching his aunt Kimberely, and this day she wasn't there, just Yuber. He didn't want to let us in, but I told him we would share something really quick about Jesus Christ, and I promised him I would show him a picture of my little brother who is his same age (thanks Daxton! :P) And now he is getting ready to get baptized, reading the Book of Mormon (little by little, but reading :) and singing hymns in his house. So legit. 
We are also still working Jose. He came to church yesterday, and he has been reading a lot, which is great. I think one of Satan's biggest weapons for us, and for everyone, is to make us feel that we aren't worthy, that we can't change, and we are stuck as who we are and where we are. He told us he feels like he is all dirty. We talked a lot about Jesus Christ, and how much he can change us. I love Isaiah 1:18 "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lordthoughyour sins be as scarlet, theshall be as white as snow; though theybe red like crimson, they shall be as wool."I know that is true, that we can truly change and have all of our sins washed away. 
I love the story about how we found Jose. It was one of my first weeks in the area, and there was some boys sitting on the side of the road. So we went to go and contact them. They looked a little sketch, but hey, we were desperate for investigators, and didn't Christ come to call the sinners to repentance? Well the one was super friendly, and invited us to come back. We went and visited him once, and he was super great, and he told us his cousin lived a few houses down. We decided, well, might as well go contact her too! So we went, and there is where we found Jose. The second time we went to visit our inicial contact, well, he didn't answer for us. My companion was super bummed, and I was like don't worry, he is probably hung over or something, it is probably a good thing he didn't answer us. Well, I was talking to Jose about him, and he told me he was a straight up Honduras gangster, and maybe we shouldn't ever try visiting him again. Well, all I have to say, is God works in miraculous ways!
Also yesterday we got to visit the amazing Nelson! Nelson rocks. I love him. He is so great. We met him one day looking for someone else, and put another lesson with him, and forgot to go back. Usually people don't care too much, but one day he found us in the bus and asked why we had never visited him! So we went back, and our first lesson was great! Yesterday we had our second lesson, and he accepted baptism, and it was absolutely beautiful. He is so so great. 

Things have also started getting a little chillier here! Last night I was a little cold! And today, at 80 degress, some people had their jackets on. Welcome to San Pedro Sula, where if you are not sweating like a pig, something is wrong :) :) haha. 

I read this quote this week in the Liahona, and I absolutely love it. I think it is something we can all apply in everyone of our lives. 
“The Savior [was] the Master Teacher. … We wouldsee most of His ministry being teaching. And yetalmost none of that teaching was done in churchbuilding. His teaching was out wherthe peoplewere. It was in highways and byways and hillsidesand seashores and in homes.”
So we should truly teach in all areas, no matter where we are. We should always follow the example of the Savior and teach in all places, and always try to help others.

Well, I hope you all have a great Halloween! And don't freeze to death like all the people in San Pedro :) 

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