Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Well... another week in San Pedro Sula!


we had changes. It was super hard seeing Hermana Moron leave. But, luckily we are going home together to Utah so we will get to be companions one last time for a day :) 
And... I am training. AHHH!!! I was kinda freaking out of nerves. I never thought I would train because we receive so few sisters in the mission. But... yes. Here I am. My new companion is super cute though. She is from Guatemala, la Hermana Roca. She was the only sister that came this change. So this week has been a little exciting teaching her all about the missionary life. Whooo! Things that are so normal to me I am realizing is not normal and is new for many people. But it is a great opportunity to learn and to grow. I had pictures... but some kids accidently deleted them. So I will have to send ya'll photos later.
Experiences for the week?
Well Tuesday we went to say goodbyes. We went to visit a family who is less active/active. The hermana was having a really hard time and a lot of weird things were happening. I don't know why, but I feel like the lesson was so spiritual. We knew exactly what to tell her and what scriptures to read. We called some member to come give her a blessing. Thursday we were waiting for the bus (with my new daughter) and she drove past and gave us a ride. She told us that she had been feeling so much better, and had been reading the scriptures and praying, and that the blessing helped a bunch. I know that the power of the Priesthood is real, and when we have time for God, we have time for everything else. And, they came to church this Sunday. Whoot!! 
We also had our cute investigator, Katie, who had a bunch of homework. She was planning on going to church on Sunday, then Sunday morning she called us and said she didn't have time. We promised her that if she went to church, she would be able to get it all done, and promised we would go help her. A few hours after church, we went over to help her. Yep, I was there, back to the grind, doing good ol' homework. But, in Spanish. Well, by 7:30 we had helped finish her big project and most of her English homework. Today we are going to go by to see how it all went :) But, other miracle, as we were sitting outside, getting eaten alive by mosquitos doing her homework, someone walked by and asked me what I was doing in Honduras. This actually happens quite often. They see a white girl sitting on a rock or on the dirt and are like, what the heck are you doing? But, we started talking and he is a magazine editor. And he wants me to write a piece about what we as missionaries do! So that is super great. 

We also were walking and I saw someone standing outside a house. My old companion had once told me that someone super great lived there. When we went back the mom said that he had moved, but she didn't know where, so we were pretty sure she was lying. But we found him!! And he is great!! He said he has been reading in Ether and he loves the Book of Mormon. It is just that the church is too far for him. We are going to visit him tonight and have a family home evening, so hopefully everything goes well.
Yesterday in the afternoon we were also walking and found two great people! The first one we contacted because her dog was so cute!!!! She had lived in the States and said she used to go to church with a friend. The other one was the cutest family putting up lights for Christmas. I had never seen anyone put up lights for Christmas in Honduras, so I started freaking out a little. But they invited us to come back! Yeah! Which is super great, because sometimes we knock doors, knock doors... and nothing. But hey, we got two yesterday :D
Also, we are slowly by slowly giving Jose more and more hope that he can change. Little by little. We had our first lesson with him last Wednesday, and he said he felt like the church was only for people with cars and nice houses. So we explained more about the church and the love of Christ. Yesterday our lessons went a lot better and he promised he was going to come to church again, and bring a friend. We are also trying to teach his wife, so hopefully they can get baptized. Keep them in your prayers!!
Today I was reading M. Russell Ballards "Our Search for Happiness." It was beautiful! I have never picked it up before. I loved how he was talking about Jesus Christ. I have a new goal, to come to learn more about the atonement. The first thing Elder Ballard talks about is Jesus Christ, so it was absolutely beautiful. He said something that I love that I have heard before, the reason we should be obedient is for our love of Jesus Christ. We should do all we can not for our love of others, or for fame, but our reason for doing good should be for our love for our Savior, and because he gave all for us. I know, and I testify, that Jesus is our Christ, That he lives and loves us, and that he would do, and does anything and everything for us. Jesus Christ is a real person, and one day each of us will bend our knee, and bow to him. Our Savior, and our king-- but most importantly, our redeemer.
I hope you all have a great, wonderful fall week :)
con mucho amor y besos

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