Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And here I am in... the beautiful land of MEXICO!!


We just arrived here at the CCM. It is absolutely beautiful here and I already know that I am going to love it! The city is huge. Everywhere you look there are little hills with houses built super high up.

There was about six elders and four sisters who flew from Salt Lake to Dallas, then in Dallas there were about ten more who joined us. Two elders and one sisters are going to my mission. Yay! I am sad that so many of the people I met will be in different areas and I probably won't get to see them:( I already feel like we have made great friendships! A few are from Utah but a lot of them are from all over the place.

The most exciting part of the whole trip was driving through Mexico on a huge bus with the tiny roads. Some of the three lane roads didn't have any lane markers. I wanted to put my hand out and touch the other cars... but I resisted! There was also a couple guys walking in the road selling mangos. I wanted one SOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY!!! But nope. None for me. Hopefully I will have many many opportunities to eat lots of mangos.

And I became the hero when I caught the moth that was flying through the bus scaring all the Hermanas and put it outside. I think Lacie (my super mountaineering neice) would be proud of me for being so tough :D

The plane rides were not bad at all. Because of how early my flight was I was a zombie and slept through both of them. And luckily both times I was sitting by two people who only spake Spanish so I took full opportunity to not talk to anyone, just sleep.

I also succesfully maneuvered my 140 pounds of luggage through the Mexico airport. I felt pretty tough/super skilled. Oh yeah!!

Well I love you all!!!! And I think this email is strangely slow so it might be a good idea to email me a day in advanced so I get it (even though I have no idea when my P days are?). I am sooo happy to finally be here. I have to say the entire time I was thinking yay! I am finally getting to go on my adventures.

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