Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last Day in the States

Well everyone this is it!! I leave tomorrow morning at 4 am for my 6 o'clock flight to Mexico. I'll be in Mexico for six weeks at the MTC and then I'll be going to Honduras!

I'll be writing a group letter which my family will post here on my blog.

You can email me at katiemarie.harmon@myldsmail.net

or you can write me hand written letters:) yay! For emails I know there is a very limited time, but hand written letters I can write back at any time and I can give you a longer response. But I would like to hear from you no matter what!!

Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission
Mexico Missionary Training Center
Ave 510 #90
Colonia San Juan de Aragon
07950 Mexico City, Distrito Federal Mexico

Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission
12 Calle Ave. Circunvalacion So.
Edificio Yude Canahuati
San Pedro Sula, Cortes

Or you can write me for free (I believe) at DearElder.com. I've never done it myself but I have heard it is pretty simple.

Also, if you would like some more missionary readings, you can read my three other roommates or my two surrogate brothers blogs.

Sister Marina Peterson is in Bangkok, Thailand. Her blog is sistermarinapeterson.blogspot.com

Sister Emily Orton is in Tokyo, Japan. Her blog is http://sisteremilyorton.blogspot.com/

Sister Rachel Houldridge is in Asuncion, Paraguay. Her blog is http://ofgreenthings.blogspot.com/

Elder See II (Justin, who is in Guatemala) and See III (Connor, who is in Chili) have one blog http://eldersee.wordpress.com

Love you all!!!

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