Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Things I forgot to say

One more thing is that I have sent snail letters to some people and I think it takes about two weeks to send things. If you are planning on writing me back (which I would love :) just make sure it will get here before November 11th. I do not think that they forward the email once you leave. I can spend more time writing you if yo udo write me by hand because there is not an hour time limit per week :) Yay! My P days are on Tuesdays but my email seems to take a while to receive emails, so it may not be a good idea to email me the morning of, I may not get it? I just got Connors email this afternoon which I think he sent yesterday.
Well I love you all!!
And Daxton you need to write me to tell me all about your Shakespeare trip!
And Jesse or Typhena will you let my Dad know what I have been writing? I know he does not have email. I wrote him a normal letter but I know it takes forever to get there. I also thought I had Darens email but I do not think I do so that would also be helpful.
Love you all!!

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