Friday, October 17, 2014

¨The Father of us all, is divinely anxious to bless us this very moment.¨

What is happening to me? And how is it that we are in the middle of October?!? Time isn´t sometimes to fly like this!!

This week has been filled with great experiences!
The rain has started to pour here in Honduras, so the weather has dropped a little bit. It was funny though, the other day my companion and I were talking, and we realized we always come home wet. Either wet from sweat or wet from the rain. There is no winning in this country :) My companion was also laughing at me one day when we got drenched from the rain, and I was shivering, and she just reminded me that it wasn´t actually that cold! I think I am going to die when my time comes to go back to Utah. 

This week we had a great lesson with one of our investigators! We had an FHE with a family, and we watched the three videos from Elder Bednar about the light of Christ and revelation. She loved it! And it was very inspiring and beautiful. I love the way Elder Bednar teaches! Two days letter we went and taught her lesson one, and we gave the first vision. I think it was the most spiritual lesson one I have ever been in my entire mission. The Spirit filled the room, and she started asking what happened to Joseph Smith, how did he die, and all sorts of great questions. It was totally worth it going to the lesson, because we were seriously debating whether or not we should go. The rain was coming down hard, the streets were empty, and the area where she lives we don´t usually work in when it is later in the evening. But we decided we should go, and I am so grateful we did!
We also had another amazing lesson one with a girl who is 16, and her three younger siblings. I don´t know why, but that day we had like four lessons outside sitting on rocks. This was our last lesson for the night in the area, but we decided we would make it through another rock sitting lesson. And it was so worth it! The Spirit was also so strong. I don´t know if I am the one changing, and more in tune to the Spirit, or what is happening, but this week our lessons I have learned so much and been so inspiring! Sometimes I am listening to my lesson and I am just like ¨wow... that is really great stuff she is teaching!¨ I have started trying to pray more in our lessons, for my companion and the investigators, and I feel like it has made such a difference. It is crazy how sometimes it takes you, well, a year to figure something out that Preach my Gospel has always been saying! 
Also one of our investigators, Jose, went to a baptism of a little girl and to church! Jose is really very special. He is a great guy, and says the most interesting stuff sometimes! I have to say I have never quite met anyone like him. He has a ton of questions about what happens after this life. It has also got me thinking a lot too about what exactly happens. 
We are also teaching a cute girl who is 12. She loves the church! She is super great, and adorable. When we gave her a Book of Mormon she said ¨finally! I have been wanting one of these.¨ It was great!
We also finally got to have a lesson for someone we have known for a while. We talked to him one day when we were searching for the house of someone else. He told us to come back and visit him another day. We went back, and he was sleeping. We never found time to go back after that. One day we found him and he asked us why we had never come back. Then we found him one day in the street playing soccer with some kids, so we got to know him  a little better. And yesterday we finally had an amazing lesson with him! He is so great! And the craziest thing, he used to live in Campana and know Familia Huezo, who got baptized while I was there. Such a small world! 

This week I also read a lot about the atonement. I read three talks that are amazing. ¨O divine Redeemer¨ by Elder Maxwell, ¨The Purifying Power of Gethsemane¨ by Elder Bruce R. McConkie, and another one by Elder Holland ¨Look to God and Live¨¨. I encourage you all to read them.
Something that I loved was what Elder Holland said ¨The first and great commandment on earth is for us to love God with allour heart, might, mind, and strength (see D&C 59:5Matt. 22:37becausesurely the first and great promise iheaven is that he will alwaylove usthat way.

As I sat there, and realized that God only expected the same from me what he has already given to me, I started tearing up. As I thought of my God-- the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who has done many miracles, who parted the red sea, who raised lazarus the third day, and who did so much, has given everything for me. He has felt my pain, sicknesses, and sins even before I died. It is humbling and inspiring. 
Elder McConkie also said something that hit me,
Now, the atonement of Christ ithe most basic and fundamental doctrineof the gospel, and it is the least understood of all our revealed truths.

So I have made a new goal to study more and harder about the atonement. Because the atonement is the basis of all doctrine. It is the basis of the Plan of Salvation, and without it, none of us can return to God. It is the center of our message as missionaries. 
I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all he has done for me. I know he died, and lived, for me, and for every one of us, so we too can live again and find ourselves on the right hand of God. 

I also know God wants to help and bless us. I know he is looking for ways to help us a long our path. I know what Elder Holland says is true,  ¨¨ the Father of us all, is divinely anxious to bless usthivery moment. Mercy is his mission, and love is his only labor¨

I love you all!! Have a great week.

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