Monday, March 30, 2015

A week full of Joy!

Well... we had another great week here in Sunny San Pedro!
Tuesday Elder Zepeda left :( He is from Tegucigalpa and was only here waiting for his visa to Costa Rica.. but since I am his mom (in mission terms) we made him banana bread and had a party after the zone meeting on Tuesday.. and I finally took a picture with all my sons! So all you that don´t know, on the mission, when you are the sister with the most time you become the mom of all the newbies. So here I am... with a bunch of sons... and they are all a bunch taller than me!
On Wednesday we did divisions and I got to be with the Hermana Lopez from Guatemala, and Justin totally served in her ward. It is crazy how small the world is! Plus, we took pictures with these cool hotel places in the middle of a rich neighborhood here in San Pedro.
Thursday, the Elders were begging for cake again, so we made to good use the cake mix Typhene and Jesse sent me.
Friday, we were in Campana again, and I got to see my awesome Family Huezo again, and this time Maria and Yeimy were there!!! And they made me ahuge pink cake :D and we all signed a picture of the temple of Tegucigalpa, and wrote on the picture, "Iremos al templo Agosto 2015¨We will go to the temple in August 2015!! So excited for them to get ready to go to the temple.
And Saturday... Melissa got baptized!! She was so nervous about sharing her testimony but she shared a beautiful testimony and afterwards she was absolutely GLOWING. The Spirit was so strong. It was a double baptism, the Elders also had a baptism, and it was absolutely beautiful.
Sunday came way too fast (as always). Sundays are always the best! And the best part? The two year old twins that started screaming in the middle of Sacrament meeting and the bishop asked us to take care of the problem. Hahaha only in Honduras :D
And now it is Pday again. These days and weeks and months go by WAY TOO FAST!!! 

Do you know what the best thing in the entire world is?? La Obra misional!! Mission work. It has the most joy, the most happiness... I love it. This week I was reading a little in 3 Nephi 28, where three of the apostles tell Jesus Christ that they don´t want to die, but they want to labor among the children of men until the end of the World. Before, I never understood this chapter. I never understood why someone would want to work....... forever. But this time, I TOTALLY GOT IT. And I was like, Heavenly Father, where is my mission extension?? I want to work forever too!! The apostles got it, and where is mine? I want to be a missionary forever too! Because, hey, it is the best.
I love the gospel. I love Honduras. I love helping other come unto Christ. Obedience is the best way to live.
Love you all!!

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