Friday, January 2, 2015


Well the Christmas week was filled with fireworks, tamales, and sandwich! 
The day before Christmas we went to make tamales with Yuber´s family. We helped them cut and cook the leaves to make the tamales, and then we put all the different things together, wrapped it all up, and put it in a big pot. I have to say my tamale skills have definately improved since last Christmas! We also shot off some fireworks in the daytime (here, the traditional thing to do is shoot off a bunch of fireworks) and definately enjoyed ourselves. 
Christmas eve we decided to go out on our balcony to see some of the fireworks being shot off, and we left our phone inside on silent. Apparently the entire mission and branch thought we were out partying... because we had 27 missed calls. Haha lucky for them we are good little obedient missionaries that just forget to take out our cell phone at night because no one ever calls us ;)
We also went around contacting and singing people Christmas hymns. We were in an area that is a little richer, and it is sometimes a little difficult to get anyone to leave their house to talk to us. Well, we saw a ahouse with lights on so we decided to try them. At first an old lady came out, and couldn´t hear us becaus ethe dog was barking. Then came out another old lady. In the end, both of them came out to listen to us. We sang for them, shared about the Christmas, and then asked if we could say a prayer with them. They said yes, and my companion prayed. As we were leaving one of the old ladys said¨¨Read Matthew 6:9" We were about a block away and dying of curiosity so we pulled out our bibles and started laughing as we read "And after this manner pray ye: Our father which are in Heaven..." And started laughing more. Only when we are out contacting do we have these funny experiences. 
Yesterday Mariellos received the holy ghost, and it was super beautiful! She is now officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Whooo. She said as she was in front, she doesn't know if it was from a car or something else, she saw a bright light and felt super good, like it was a sign. So we are super happy for her :) And praying that her sister will soon follow her example! 
Other than that, everything is pretty normal here :D

This week I read a general conference talk that was awesome! It was by Elder Richard G. Scott . I love it because he says that we need to do make the exercise of our faith our first priority, and not let other things get in the way. He outlines four things to help us: Prayer, Scripture Study, Family Home Evening, and Temple Attendance. I love what he says that many times we let other things come first before our faith. We let other distractions come first, however we should try to eliminate these things and put God first. I love the Christmas season because it is when we can refocuse our lives and remember why we are here. We can remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We can re align our lives, and put Christ at the center of our lives again. So many times we let work, studies, or other things come before God. All these things are good things, but as Elder Oaks said, we always need to choose between good, better, and best. The best will always be the things of God. 

Love you all.

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