Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Be not weary in well doing!

Well...This week has been awesome. We have been meeting a ton of new people since we decided to drop almost all of our investigators! It is has been quite interesting meeting all sorts of new people. 
Yesterday was absolutely beautiful in Fast and Testimony meeting. Marielos and Katie both went up to bear their testimonies. Marielos told her conversion story, and it was quite interesting hearing it from her side haha. She talked about how we first starting visiting her in October, and how she had an evangelical friend that told her not to get confused by all the things the Mormons always say, and most importantly not to read the book that we had given her (the Book of Mormon). Luckily, when her friend told her all those things, Marielos was even more curious and wanted to know why her friend would say all those things. She talked about how she had a lot of questions, however she felt really good at the church, and that she was really happy that she had chosen to be baptized. It was so beautiful hearing her testimony! She also talked about how when we went to her house, and talked about eternal families it touched her heart because as a child her old brother had died, and a year ago her father died. How beautiful it is to know that we will be able to see our families again through the gospel of Jesus Christ! Katie, who was baptized two months ago, also bore her testimony. She said she had two new goals: To read the book of Mormon every day to prepare to go on a mission and to go to church every Sunday. It was awesoming hearing both of them bear their testimony. 
In Principles of the Gospel our awesome teacher, Katherine, taught about the Holy Ghost. The Spirit was SO strong, and she talked about different experiences she had had with the Holy Ghost. She shared a story that one day she got on the bus with her sister, and they were late getting to school, and so they got in the first bus they saw. Here there are these small buses called rapiditos. The coveted spot in the rapiditos are the front two seats with the driver, because if your are up front it means that you are not squished in the back with all the other people. Katherine said this day she was really upset and frustrated, and had forgotten to say her morning prayer. Her sister, all of the sudden, told the attendent that they were going to get off. Katherine was super mad and upset because they were going to be late for class, and she had no idea why they were getting off the bus. They got off, and they got another bus. As they got on the other bus and were driving, they saw the rapidito they were in in an accident. Later on they heard that everyone in the rapidito had survived, except for the two in front, who had both died. She said how grateful she was that her sister had said her prayer in the morning, and was calm and could hear the Holy Ghost. We also talked about how the Holy Ghost could be a subtle feeling, and how after we are confirmed, we can have it with us always to guide and help us. Katherine also mentioned how the Holy Ghost had been a Spirit like us in the council in Heaven, and that he had chosen to sacrifice his opportunity to come to Earth to help his brothers and sister. It is interesting that Jesus Christ sacrificed his life to redeem us, and that the Holy Ghost sacrificed his opportunity to come to Earth to guide us. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, truly have sacrificed everything that they can to help us. 
In Relief Society we also made our new years resolution goals. It was awesome that we did it in Relief Society, because I have been meaning to do my new years goals forever, and have never had time. One of my resolutions was to keep the Spirit of the mission after the mission, and to always put God before other things. Here in the mission it is awesome and beautiful because we have so much time to come closer to Christ and to serve him, however in life outside the mission it can be so much harder. My goal is to make the exercise of my faith my first priority as Elder Scott said! Because, at the end of the day, when we die, the only thing that will truly matter will be what we did in this life to come closer to God. So, new year, new goals, and new expectations :)
I have also been eating up the new testament! I am finishing up 1st Timothy. This is my first time through the entire New Testament, and I have to say, Paul is official my hero. He is the best missionary/convert/disciple of Christ EVER. I love that he is the perfect example that people can change, and what they can become. He gave everything for the church, and served a million missions. Haha maybe I will just have to follow his lead and make my way throughout the world serving missions haha :) However, I think one verse sums up almost everything he says and does ¨ 13 But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.¨
And let us not every be weary in well doing! But continue on, doing good to all those around us :) 

I love you all! 

Attached are photos of us doing an activity of origami, me in the grove tree part of our area, and the other picture is because yesterday Gabby, Marielos, Hermana Roca, Katherine and I all came in black and mint--because we are awesome like that! 

muah! Feliz nuevo año!

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