Saturday, January 31, 2015

First full week in Los Castaños!

Well! This week has been full of craziness but it has been super beautiful.
The most exciting news is that Kenth got baptized last Saturday!! And it was absolutely beautiful. I have to say that we did a bunch for this baptism! Cleaned the church, made a collage of pictures and a big banner with his name, and a huge card for everyone to sign. Haha my new companion does a lot for baptisms, and since we are both perfectionists, It means we spend a lot of time making sure everything is good.
The baptism was super beautiful, but we are super sad because yesterday, after Kenth received the holy ghost, he left for Tegucigalpa where he will be living and studying. Such a bummer!!!!
We also had an awesome experience with Family Gomez. They are super awesome. They make about 1,000 tortillas every day to sell.... yes... 1,000 tortillas. Imagine that! The hermano told us though that a lot of people have been coming to pay him visits every since his kids got baptized. (His two kids got baptized three weeks ago, but we are waiting for them to get married so they can get baptized). But he has been doing a lot of standing up for the church! He told us that a pastor came over to visit him, and the pastor was super mad that he is visiting the church. Also that another friend told him that he should stop going to this church for a million reasons. He told him that he likes the church because we never criticize other churches, and we use our time instead of criticizing preaching about Christ. Basically this family is super legit, and we are trying to help the hermana decide to get married! I am not sure what it is here, but everyone wants to get baptized but no one wants to get married. Asi es Honduras.
We also stayed up late Saturday night making awesome invitations for this Saturday for Mercedes. Mercedes is the younger sister of a member who is going to get baptized, and we are super excited. The invitations were also super awesome. 
This week I got to go to La Victoria on divisions. It was super awesome. We contacted a million people, and then at night we ate delicious baleadas at a members house. At night there was no water in their house, so we had to bring up water in buckets from the pila #HondurasLife I also got to see my awesome friend Elder Rodriguez since he is in that area! It is great getting to see people again.
This morning we also did some serious studying on how to receive personal revelation, because many of our investigators are having problems receiving personal revelation. We came up with a list of things to do to receive revelation:
-think it out
-think on other experiences you have already had, maybe God has already answered you
-read the scriptures
-be humble and willing to accept God´s will

We also made a huge list of blessings of baptism. It was pretty extensive. We made a banner and gave to a family so they can start preparing for their baptismal date. I have to say, there are a million blessings of baptism, and I am so grateful I get to have the blessings of baptism in my life.
Today we were in the bus, and a man came and sat down by me. He said he has just been deported from Mexico, and started telling me all his problems. I realized he had so many problems, and was sacrificing so much, but all in the wrong areas. He needed to put his priorities straight. He needed to put God first, and everything would work out. I told him that. Hopefully he will listen. It sounded like he was going to try to go back to Mexico. I realized really, if we put God first in our lives, everything else will be okay. Everything else will work out. Matthew 6:33 says it all  33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Have a great week!!!

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