Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let the blessings of Heaven rain down!

Well! Another week has rolled by. This week was filled with lots of craziness, miracles, and everything else.

The most exciting news this week is that the lovely Mercedes was baptized! The baptism was absolutely beautiful! Just that we had some water problems beforehand haha and flooded the church. We started filling up the baptismal font, and an investigator came to the church so that we could teach him. While we were teaching him the font filled up too far. So for an hour we were pushing water out of the church. Luckily there is no such thing as carpets in Honduras =) After pushing out all the water we had the baptism. At the end Mercedes shared such a beautiful, strong testimony, and yesterday left to visit with us! Score. Awesome new members!

We also contatced a bus this week. We had divisions in Choloma, and we were coming home, and when we finally made it back to San Pedro, we realized we had left the phone in Choloma. We had a baptism and Sunday coming up, so there was no way we were going to be able to live without a phone. So we made the trek back. In the morning we prayed so that Go could help us have courage to contact a bus, because it is something we have wanted to do forever. Well, we made it back to San Pedro without being brave enough, so we decided it was God´s way to help fulfill our goals. On the way back we got up in front of the bus, introduced who we were and shared cards with everyone. It was pretty awesome. 

Also, yesterday was dia de la mujer (Women´s Day) here in Honduras, so the ward gave each women a rose. It was super beautiful and awesome. We also had a crazy experience walking down the road, and a man shouted out to us, ¨Elderes!! Come here¨ And we were like what?So we went over and found a man super crazy but super awesome, and we are super excited, and a little nervous to teach him. 

Today for P day we hiked up the mountain to the Coca Cola. Here in San Pedro there are big letters on the mountain that say ¨Cocal Cola¨ kinda like the Hollywood sign in California. Honduras is awesome because going in the mountains is basically like walking into a jungle. Afterwards we went and had lunch with Family Gomez with the other hermanas, and we brought a piñata to celebrate the birthday of their baby, who turns one years old this year. He is named Angel, but everyone calls him Rungita. He is hilarious too because he is completely racist. This baby totally likes gringas more than others. We also bought a piñata, and it was completely adorable watching all the kids hit the piñata. 

This week my companion and I were studying a little bit from the article ¨living the gospel joyful¨ by Elder Uchtdorf. I love what he says that sometimes we block the blessings of God. We put up an umbrella and stop the rain of the blessings of Heaven. And it is so true! Sometimes we walk and act as if we don´t want to be obedient to certain commandments of God, and while we are doing so, we block the blessings of God. I testify that if we live the commandments, if we are obedient, he will rain down more blessings upon us. 

I love what he says
Part of our challenge is, think, that we imagine that God has all of Hisblessings locked in huge cloud up in heaven, refusing to give them to usunless we comply with some strict, paternalistic requirements He has setup. But the commandments aren’t like that at all. In reality, HeavenlyFather is constantly raining blessings upon us. It is our fear, doubt, andsin that, like an umbrellablock these blessings from reaching us.
His commandments are the lovininstructions and the divine help for usto close the umbrella so we can receive the showeof heavenly blessings.
We need to accept that the commandments of God aren’t just a long list ofgood ideas. They aren’t “life hacks” from an Internet blog or motivationalquotes from Pinterest board. They are divine counsel, based oeternaltruths, given to brin“peace in this world, and eternal life in the world tocome.”6
So we have choice. On the onhand, there is the opinion othe worldwith its ever-changing theories and questionable motives. On the otherhandthere is God’s word to His children—His eternal wisdom, Hicertainpromises, and His loving instructions for returning to His presence inglory, loveand majesty.
The choice is yours!
Have a great week!!!

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