Friday, October 3, 2014



I had changes!!

And I am still in culture shock. Seriously. I am in a whole new world here. I am in an area called Fesitranh, which is in San Pedro Sula. 

First off, there are a lot of cars, yes cars. So many cars. There is also like a grocery store here, with things like HUMUS and GREEK YOGURT. It is so weird. And there is pavement on the streets. There are also really big houses with big couches and washing machines. There is also always water, and the water that comes out of the sink actually looks clean. I put it in a cup and it is all clear. There are also a few people here that speak English. Whaaat?! 

I am in another branch. I think this is one of the few branches in the city. There are usually around 40 or 50 people in sacrament meeting, which feels super small in our huge church. Before, all of Fesitranh was a ward, and then they split it into a ward, and a branch. However, we all still use a beautiful chapel that has cool things like air conditioning. We also have relief society, and sunday school, in the High Council room with big squishy chairs that I had no idea existed here. It is a little confusing though because our area is pretty far from the chapel, and we start church at 8?20 and have Sacrament meeting last. It is super weird, but I am getting used to it. 

My companion is super cute. She is from West Jordan. Her parents are both Peruvian. It is funny though because everyone here thinks she is from Guatemala. I am also taller than her! I think we have a pattern happening here where I get to be taller than my companion! 

It was super hard saying goodbye to Santa Rosa, it is soooo much different here than anywhere I have been for the past eleven months. However, my companion took me to another part of our area where we got to sit on their beds again and they had dirt floors and it was really small... and I finally felt normal again :) At least I am not completely completely stuck in the city. 

Exciting news from Santa Rosa is that our phone got stolen. The day before I had changes someone pick pocketed my companion. Good things our phones are worth like $20 on a good day. I still miss Santa Rosa a bunch, but I know I will learn to love it here too. 

This last Friday though I think we had one of the most interesting lessons in my entire life. So we have just been contacting and contacting a bunch to try to find new people. Anyways we contacted someone, then we visited him, then he told us his sister lived over there, so we decided to go meet her. She didn´t want to talk to us but her husband did, and then he could speak English so that was weird, and then his drunk cousin decided to join us too. Everytime a drunk person joins us it is pretty interesting... but since we were talking a bunch in English since he wanted to practice his English his drunk cousin was super confused and trying to talk in English too... which ended up him speaking in jibberish. He got out a couple things.. and then all of the sudden he was saying ¨I lyeke I lyeke Amurican gurrls¨ And we were all just laughing and then he wanted to share a scripture with us in the Bible. It was all crazy and funny. It is funny how much things change, I think if that would have happened to me when I first came here I would have been so freaked out! And now it is just hilarious. 

I also met a girl that listens to ARCADE FIRE. I was like whaaaat I used to love that band and I completely forgot about them until you just mentioned them. She is super cool and hip like that. She was asking me if there songs were clean, and I was like Well.. I actually can´t remember any of their songs or anything, I just remember I liked them a lot. 11 months is a long time.. and I have been speaking and thinking in Spanish this whole time. So yes, I am becoming more and more forgetful. Maybe God is trying to prep me before going home so I will be a little bit normal haha.

Today we were crossing a super busy street to get to the grocery store, and it is super crazy to try to cross this street. Plus, since I haven´t seen so many cars in a long time, I am also super freaked out. There was a truck on the side of the road, with three men yelling ^Gringa! Gringa! Gringa! Then my companion told me GO! And I started screaming because we were crossing the road and there was a million cars coming and I thought I was going to die. When we finally got to the other side we both just started laughing to death because these things would only happen here with a white girl who has been in a different world for a long time. I am pretty sure the guys in the truck were all laughing at me too. 

For the spiritual thought of the week, today I read this scripture, and I love it. It is from Nephi, he says

Wherefore, the Lord hath commanded me to make these platesfor wise purpose in him, which purpose know not.
 But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore,he prepareth way to accomplish all his works among thchildrenof men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all hiswords. And thus it is. Amen.
I love it, because we should always have faith in the Lord. He knows all things, and he will always help us and prepare us a way to accomplish all things. He is all powerful. Why do we doubt him? Why do we lack faith? We should put all of our confidence in him, and do all we can to serve him! 
I love the Lord!
I love this gospel. I love the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I love this work. I know that this is the work of the Lord, and that he is leading me. I know that there is a great joy in the gospel that we can never find anywhere else. 

I hope you all have a great week!
Mi companera!

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