Friday, October 3, 2014

The greenest city in the World


Another week has already come and gone!! It is crazy how times is literally FLYING. 

For exciting news this week, one of our contacts is AMAZING. She is the sweetest old lady in the entire world. She is about to turn 70, and she is great. Sometimes we just wander around in all these big houses trying to convince people to talk to us, and a lot of times no one wants to, but every once in a while God blesses us. Zoila is one of those blessings. She has read all of the lessons that we give her, and she understand everything. Even apostasy! No one understand that when they read it! She came to church yesterday and she accepted a baptismal date. She is absolutely great. The only downside is that we have to teach her through this huge gate, which is terrible in the hot scorching humid son of Honduras, but she is worth it. So, valle la pena. 
We also had an investigator come to the Women Broadcast! Also super great. Her name is Marilou. She is from Gracias, which is kinda by Copan. She is working here in this area in a house. Here people have more money and they often hire people from other areas to work in their houses. The people she work for are super sweet, but they always tell us they are Catholic, but they always offer us their worker. It is kinda funny, but good since they get her to come with us :)

This week we have been doing a lot of service and contacting. Here you have to be a little more suave with people to gain their confidence. The old branch president explained to us that a lot of people here are afraid and cautious of people because, well, San Pedro Sula is not the safest place in the world. So we have been trying to find other ways to talk to people. It was funny because we were helping this old man gather the grass and weeds that he had just macheted down into a plastic bag. The man who owned the house was staring at us... and we were like... hello and then he left. So we finished helping the old man and went on our way since he lives outside of our area and we cannot do much. We went to talk to his neighbor, then the man who was watching us was outside sweeping. So we went back to offer to help him. It was funny, since it looked like he had just gone outside to "sweep" just to see if we would come back to try and offer to help him. He invited us in, but right then some guests come, so we have to go back another day. But it was pretty hilarious. Yesterday we also got into some serious service of hauling a bunch of weeds and things into bags. Luckily, they ran out of bags. But, we promised to come back another day. Also we were helping another lady but her leaves in bags, and two men stopped and starting talking to us. Apparently they are jews, but they invited us to celebrate the Jewish New Year with them this past Thursday. So that was very sweet of them, but sadly it was out of our area, so no Jewish New Year parties for us. 

Also we had a lesson with this family. We are teaching the grandma and her granddaughter. They are both hilarious. We were teaching about the Sabbath Day to try and inspire them to come to church. The granddaughter is 11, and I asked her "What do you think we should do on the sabbath?" She sat there thinking for a few moments, and then she said "I think I would plant a tree." We all just stared at her for a minute, and my companion and I were holding back our laughter when the grandmother, a Peruvian black woman was all like "girl! What are you thinking? Plant a tree?? How many trees do you want to plant? Are you planning on planting a whole grove or something?" And my companion and I were just dying. Where did she even get that from? Plant a tree on Sunday :D so funny. 

Today I also officially went to center of San Pedro with a member. It was pretty exciting. It was weird being in city city city. I heard that is where it is super dangerous, but it was super great and beautiful and I really liked it. I think I have decided that San Pedro was rated as one of the most dangerous cities because there are so many deaths. Which is true, a lot of people die, but it is usually the people who are doing bad things. Most other people live their lives happy and calm. And I got to buy a super cute skirt as my late birthday present/one year present, so that was GREAT! First time shopping in.... more than a year (well... for things other than food haha). Great, wonderful perks of being in the city! 

I also loved the women conference! It was so great. I loved how President Uchtdorf said many times we are stopping our own blessings from coming. We put our umbrellas up and act as if we don´t want the blessings! Which is so lame! We should let the rain and blessings of heaven pour down upon us through our obedience. It was very beautiful! And all the kids singing I am a Child of God in Korean was super cute. I am in love with them. 

And for the picture... Honduras is the greenest place... in the entire world #HondurasWin! 
We took this picture at the President´s condo (He lives in one of the tallest buildings of San Pedro Sula... because there aren´t really tall building haha).

Happy October!!

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