Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Honduras Independence Day!!!

So.... today is super especial because it is Independence day here in Honduras!! It isn't quite as cool as America with fireworks and all... but hey, it is still pretty cool :) We are all proud catratchos with our Honduras shirts! 

Yesterday, was Sunday! Sunday has turned into my favorite day of the week, because it is when I get to go to church and take the Sacrament. I have really been trying to change how I see the Sacrament, and truly use it as a time to renovate my covenants with God. Yesterday we sang "Jesus, Once of Humble Birth" As we sang the third verse the Spirit hit me so strongly... as we sang "Once, he groaned in blood and tears; Now in glory he appears. Once rejected by his own, Now their King he shall be known." Well, we sang it in Spanish so it was a little different. I like the meaning in Spanish a little better, it says more a long the lines of "He who suffered the pain, shall come in splendor, He who was rejected, now shall be the King of the World."
This week had its ups and downs, and as I sat there thinking of these words, I suddenly realized something. If it wasn't for the hard times, for the rejections, I would never come to know my Savior. He who was greatest of all had to be rejected by his own, and who am I to think it will be no less for me? He suffered EVERYTHING for us, he paid the price so that he could feel everything we go through. What a great example we have, what a hero. I am so grateful for my Savior, for Jesus Christ, and for everything he did, and does, for me. I know he lives, and I know he led a perfect life filled with many thorns and hardships, and he did it all for me, and for you. He has his arms filled with love for us because he is the only one who truly knows. 
God also blessed us with a few miracles this week! We were walking a long, and we were searching for someone so we asked a lady on the street. Then we saw someone inside painting, so we asked to help, and we painted for about 2.5 seconds, but it was super fun while it lasted haha. Then we started talking, and we found out the man inside was a member. His wife was the one we had been talking to. They also offered us part of their house/business so that we can do an English class on Saturdays. It was such a blessing and a miracle that we found them!

We were also walking along yesterday, and someone stopped to offer us a ride. Well, it is against the rules for us to get in the car with just anyone so we thanked him but told him we couldn't. Well, he started driving away and somebody started talking about me, and joking I said "No! Soy de Mexico por favor no soy gringa" (No! I am from Mexico, I am not a gringa) and the man in the car started laughing and said of course you are from America! Then he stopped his car to talk to us, and told us that he doesn't have a religion, but he feels like he needs to search more for God. He told us he is like a man who is thirsty searching for water. We were super confused about where he lives, so he told us that he would come down so we could visit him in the house of his sister. This was quite a miracle, because we had been contacting, and contacting, and contacting... and almost nothing. Truly when we work and work God will throw us a bone :D

Yesterday we also watched the move about President Monson called "On the Lord's Errand." It was absolutely beautiful!! I loved all of the stories and how President Monson has always been so willing to do whatever the Lord wants and give his all. As I listened to the last part, he said "I want the Lord to know, if he needs an errand run, Tommy Monson will run it." I started thinking, I hope God thinks the same about me, I hope he knows that if he needs an errand run Hermana Harmon is willing to go and do it! Because there is nothing more important in this life than doing what the Lord wants, and helping his children. 

We also visited a super special family yesterday. They are less active, but they are super awesome as well. We were talking and she told us that one time she was at church and the President of the Branch told them that if you times anything by 0... well you get 0. It is the same with the Lord. If we give him 0, well... we will have 0. We have to give him something and then he can give us something. If we give him 5, well he can times that by 5 and give us 25. But first, we need to put in the effort and do all that we can. We have to give him something to make something. Then my companion gave the story of the brother of Jared, how he had to go and search for the stones and ask God to touch the stones. It is the same in our lives, we have to give something and plan something so that the Lord can do the rest. 

Well I know God lives and loves us. I know we are his precious children. I know the church is true, and when we do all we can, God will bless us.

Have a great week! 

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